Resources > Sort Resources Automatically

Automatic resource sorting is now available both in chart view and in the Resource list. In chart view you'll be able to sort resources in alphabetical or custom order as well as based on their utilization %. If you view resources by projects then you can also sort projects by start/end date or any other 'Date' type data field. 

To sort resources automatically in Resources View (no groups or projects): 
  • Click on the 'A-Z' sorting icon on the view panel
  • Sort Resources alphabetically by Title or by Utilization(%)
  • Custom order is applied by default. It's the order of adding them or the manual order that can be set in Resources list
sorting resources by custom order

resources ordered by utilization

  • If you group your resources by Projects then the 'Project sorting' options become available
  • You can sort by Project title (A-Z) or by any other 'Date' type project data field 
resources ordered by resource title
To sort resources order by Queue number, Name or by any other 'List of values' custom data field value: 
  1. Open Resource list 
  2. Click on Queue number, Name or data field related grouping to set the order
ordering resources by queue number

ordering resources by custom data fields