Tasks > Concurrent Tasks and Utilization Graphs

Sometimes people need to work on multiple tasks within the same time period. Ganttic allows you to schedule multiple tasks to one resource. These concurrent tasks can be scheduled fully or partially for the same time period.

To schedule a concurrent task:
  • Click-drag-release a task in the same resource line where you already have some tasks
  • Give the task a title and assign a project to it
  • Click on 'Save'
scheduling concurrent tasks to resources in ganttc chart area

  • Since both tasks are automatically full-time (100%) ones, the utilization graph indicates (red) that the resource is overloaded in the area where the two tasks overlap
adjusting the utilization of concurrent tasks in the gantt chart area

  • Adjust both tasks' utilization if needed so that the resource is not overloaded in the area where two task overlap > hit 'Save' upon completion. Alternatively, you can make one of the tasks shorter or drag and drop it to another date to avoid overlapping
adjusting utilization to optimize resources' workload

  • All is under control now 
allocating tasks in the gantt chart area