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Creating a task is the next step of using Ganttic after you've set up your resources.

Tasks are essentially work or duty that needs to be done by your resources. Simply drag your cursor across the Gantt chart area to create a task.

You could also use tasks as any type of holiday to block out a period of time so that work tasks can't be assigned to resources on holiday.

Planning resources can be problematic under unpredictable circumstances. Even after decisions are made, plans could change. Instead of spending time merging and unmerging spreadsheets’ cells, use Ganttic's drag-and-drop function for a quick and easy way of rescheduling and rearranging tasks and resources. Adapt to unforeseen circumstances without any hassle.

There's two ways to schedule a task:

1) Click-drag-release 

  1. Move your cursor to where you wish to start the task in the Gantt chart area. Click and drag the cursor to the right until it reaches the end point of the task. Release Click
  2. Give the Task a title and choose a color for it
  3. 'Save' upon completion
drag and drop scheduling tasks in the gantt chart area

2) + icon:
  1. Click on the '+' icon on the right of resource's name
  2. Set start/end dates and times along other timing parameters from 'Timing' section
  3. Click on 'Save' 
selecting task's start and end time

To resize a task:

  • Move your cursor to either side of the task bar, a black arrow should appear in place of your cursor. Click, drag and release accordingly
  • Click 'Save' upon completion
Reschedule or resize tasks with drag-release

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