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Splitting Tasks


Task Split feature is handy if you need to make a long project into separate Tasks on a go, plan more conveniently if some extra Tasks came by during the Task flow and share the big Task between different people. 

Must-know about this feature

Just simple cut and you have two Tasks instead of one. Or even five. On the contrary to shared tasks, splitted Tasks work then as independent Tasks. You can find the Scissor icon in our new Task Dialog Window.

Split a Task

  1. Click on a Task
  2. This will open the Task Dialog Window.
  3. Click on 'Split task/Scissor' icon 
  4. The Split options dialog will open.

    split task 1

  5. Select the date and time for the split
  6. Only dates covered by the Task are available.

    split task
  7. Click on 'Split'
  8. This will cut the Task in the date and time you selected. 

    split task
    You now have two separate and independent Tasks. Feel free to drag and drop one or the other to desired Resources. 

    task split 5
    task split 6

Tasks >

Splitting Tasks