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Task timing tools allow you to input selected aspects of the task timing (start/end date, duration, busy time, utilization etc) while other ones will be calculated for you. Simply toggle any of the 3 icons on the left of 'Task timing section'. 

 When it comes to task timing tools, let us introduce to you your seven new resource planning friends:

  So this little racing flag is going to let you plan a task by setting start and end date. And Ganttic will calculate the Busy time or Utilization percentage according to which one you have chosen to set.

scheduling tasks by setting start and end date

  The first game changer is this clock. With it, you can plan a task by setting the date when the task should start (or when it should end), the Duration of the task, and also the Utilization percentage or Busy Time, and Ganttic will calculate the rest accordingly.

scheduling tasks by duration

 The little hammer is also indisputably a nifty little fella. With it, you will have the aoption to plan a task by setting its start or end date, Busy time, Utilization percentage, and leaving the rest for Ganttic to calculate.

scheduling tasks using busy time and utilization

 What about those little arrows? Those will let you switch whether you want to set start or end date, Busy time or Utilization percentage.

switching between start and end date, and busy time and utilization

 And the rest of your new friends? They will help you with the task timing. The first one will allow you to plan a task from date to date. The second one will allow you to plan a task with hourly precision and the last one with 15-minute accuracy.

task timing options

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