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Task utilization % determines if a task is a full-time or a part-time one. All tasks are by default full-time (100%). Task utilization % can be set manually. Depending on set Duration and/or other parameters, as well as on selected Task Timing Tool, some parameters might be recalculated based on that.

For example, if you have planned a task throughout a week (Monday to Friday), but you know that it takes every day just 2 hours to complete it, change the field 'Busy time' to 10 hours. Utilization percentages will be recalculated accordingly. In this case the utilization of the task will be 22%. To switch between 'Utilization %' and 'Busy Time' simply toggle the two-arrowed switch between them. This also works vice versa, as the arrows are clearly suggesting.

planning using utilization and busy time

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