Tasks > Custom Data Fields

To set custom data fields for tasks:
  • Click on a task to open up a task dialog
  • Click on '+' icon in 'Custom Data Fields' section
adding custom data field to a task

  • In the task custom field dialog, type in the field title and select the type of value. List of values will allow you to set a color for your data, useful for grouping purposes
adding list of values type of data field to a task

  • Now, you are able to start listing your values. Type in one value at a time and click on 'Enter'
  • To rearrange the values, drag them up or down from '+' on the left of the value
  • To remove a value, click on the 'x'
  • Tick 'Show value on taskbar' to see statuses in text on the taskbar
  • Click on 'Save' upon completion
adding values to a custom data field

  • Upon saving, you will be redirected back to the task dialog
  • Select a value for the task in the custom data field dropdown
  • Click on 'Save' upon completion
tracking tasks' progress with custom data fields