Timeline > Time and Other Default Settings

To open Settings panel: 

  • Click on 'Settings' icon from the sidebar on the left

Click the tabs on the left to adjust: 
  • Date and Time Format

  • Working Time
1. Toggle the switch to enable Business Days. Green = ON. Red = OFF
2. Set Business Hours
3. Select Visible Hours in the chart. If your planner is solely for work, you could update the visible hours in chart to be from 8 am to 6 pm, or whatever business hours that you have
4. Click on 'Save'

selecting general business days and hours for planning resources

  • Coloring
1. Select Non-working day color
2. Select Holiday color
3. Hit 'Save' 

coloring options for visual planning

  • Task Timing
1. Set default time interval. It determines if when creating a task, your task will snap to an all day, one hour period or snap to the nearest 15-minute interval.
2. Set default task timing: Green = Manual, Grey = Automatic. You can plan your tasks by start/end date, by duration or busy time and utilization. Manual parameters can be set in task pop-up window. 
3. Hit 'Save'

task timing options in the scheduler

  • Dependencies
1. Toggle the switch to turn task dependencies on or off
2. Hit 'Save'

task dependencies

  • Taskbar
1. Toggle the switches to enable/disable. Selected info will be displayed on the taskbar
2. Hit 'Save'

taskbar information in the gantt chart area

  • Utilization 
1. Toggle the switch to enable/disable utilization graphs for resources
2. Hit 'Save'

resource utilization graphs in the gantt chart area