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There are two types of users in Ganttic. There are administrators and users. Administrators can access and change everything by default. Users have to be given rights to edit or even view the plans.  If you want your team to join Ganttic, send them an invite. One of the best things in Ganttic is that you pay for the number resources you have in use, not for the number of people using Ganttic.

However, it's important to remember that users aren't the same as resources. While users can have rights to view or edit the plans, you can't assign tasks to them. Tasks are for resources. So if you want to plan tasks for Manny the designer, and you want him to see those tasks, you would have to list him as a resource, and invite him as a Ganttic user.

Additionally, if you were wondering, Carl from accounting isn't the administrator for the office cat nor has he any special rights to him.