Users & Permissions > Resource Permissions

To set resource permissions: 

Choose default resource permission. This will apply to all resources. These can be overwritten by special permissions resource by resource from 'Special permissions' section on the right.

edit resource rights

  • To override default permissions for resources simply click on the icons on the right: 
  • The stop icon means that the user has no access to a particular resource
  • The eye icon means that the user has read only access to selected resource's data
  • The pen icon means that the user can read and edit resource's tasks
  • To find a resource quickly you can search or sort by name
  • Hit 'Save' upon completion
resources' special permissions

Go back to 'User data' (1) section and hit 'Send invitation' (2)

invite users to ganttic

The user will receive a link to specified email to set a private password and accept the invitation. The user can then log into Ganttic ( with these permissions applied. User type, data and permissions can be edited later. Duplicate emails are not allowed.