Utilization Tracking > Capacity Utilization Percentage

One of the advanced features of Ganttic is the ability to calculate and display resource utilization. The percentage is shown on the right of every resources name. It shows the available work time covered by tasks in visible time range

capacity utilization percentage

Besides utilization, the task info window will show the following fields:

  1. Start and end dates/times
  2. Duration - Scheduled duration of task in calendar time
  3. Busy time - Shows time planned to complete the task. Can be set in hours or in utilization percentage (can be set manually)
  4. Task utilization 
set utilization percentage

For example: if you have planned a task throughout a week, but you know that it takes every day just 2 hours to complete it, change the field 'Busy time' to 10 hours. Utilization percentages will be recalculated accordingly. See additional task timing options from here.