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Ganttic is resource planning software, that you can use for managing project portfolios while planning resources with maximum efficiency.

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+ years of Ganttic being effective and providing efficiency + different industries from consulting to construction and science + smart users connect and collaborate on their plans + projects planned meet deadlines and achieve goals

Visualize Your Strategy

Ganttic creates a visual workflow of all your resources, tasks, and projects. Populated with your organization’s specifics, quickly drag and drop new work. Adjust in an instant when conflicts arise. See your data in a new light and develop a clear plan of action for your team. 

Different POVs and Insight

The planner’s flexible design conforms to your unique organizational and scheduling needs – not the other way around. “Rotate” the online Gantt chart and see plans from the perspective of tasks or resources. A high-level overview and separate POVs offer different insights and a better understanding of how your plans work together.

Choose your strategy

Ganttic helps managers plan out their projects’ resources. Whether that be people, tools, machinery, rooms, or anything else. Get started with your preferred resource management technique. Pricing options

Simple scheduling

Who or what is doing what and when? Easy drag and drop scheduling. Clean and clear overview.

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Resource management

Who’s overworked and what’s underutilized? Schedule concurrent tasks and balance workload. Controlled performance and forecasting.

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Project portfolio management

Are projects properly resourced and in line with goals? Plan from the project’s and resource’s perspective. Zero conflicts and maximum productivity.

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Trusted by 1500 companies

A more efficient world

Ganttic is a flexible solution for companies big and small, within every industry. Users across the globe rely on the resource planning software for their organization’s project planning and resource management.

Trusted by 1500 companies

Get a high level overview of projects, tasks & resources

Create Balance

With Ganttic’s online planner, quickly find and fill projects’ resourcing gaps. Meet capacity, prevent burnout, and find balance between resources, schedules, tasks, and projects.

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Connecting Users & Plans

Ganttic’s software connects teams, clients, and stakeholders while providing a transparent, visual overview of the entire portfolio. Full control without sacrificing collaboration.

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A More Efficient World

Resource planning creates order out of chaos. Discover a more sustainable usage of your resources, while also meeting project demands. Do more with what you already got.

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For over 10 years, California-based Sunstall has been building clean and efficient solar energy solutions for their clients. With a business model based on continuous improvement, sustainability, and streamlining their…

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For more than 35 years G. Christianson Construction has been operating throughout the Mid-Willamette Valley of Oregon, USA. The personal relationships the company is able to build with clients, coupled…

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For creative agencies like DRP Group, resource management can be anything from working with digital equipment, to booking studio space, or allocating tasks to film crews. Read on to see…...

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