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Simple Resource Scheduling Software

Simple Resource Scheduler

Ganttic is online resource scheduling software. A flexible drag and drop scheduler to see who or what, is doing what and when.

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Gain instant clarity

Create clear, visual plans with resource-centric Gantt charts.

  • See at a glance who’s available for new work and who’s already booked.
  • Spot conflicts and gaps in the resource schedule, and rebalance the workload.
  • Real-time updates of the here-and-now or draft plans of what’s to come.

Ganttic is an incredibly powerful and flexible resource scheduling tool. We’ve been able to improve our scheduling processes significantly since using Ganttic!

Tünde K., Chair of the Workspace and Facility Management Committee

Speedy allocation

Simply click-drag-release tasks for a new booking. Drag and drop to reallocate tasks and lighten the load. Ensuring the best usage for your resources.

Book only the best

Does part of your team work different hours? Or in different locations? Need someone with a specific certification or a machine under a certain weight limit? Organize resources with custom data fields to group, filter, and find the best resource for the job.

Schedule employees + equipment

Schedule all resource types to any job. Book people and rooms for meetings. A bulldozer plus a driver for a construction project. Or vehicles plus inspection teams to meet client demands.

There’s no restrictions on resource types, allowing you to schedule:

  • People
  • Machinery
  • Vehicles
  • Facilities
  • Tools

Resource tracking

Get a visual rundown of your resources’ time and how they use it. Track planned hours and utilization to see who has the capacity to take on more. Stamp out underutilization and burn out.

Spot conflicts early on

Take a peak at what the future holds. See if you have the capacity before taking on new work. Smooth out bottlenecks before they become problems.

Hear it from our clients.

“Our aim is to track the availability of our employees with Ganttic.

To do that, we need an overview of our resource schedules. The schedules give input to our sales team. If a department has an opening, they’ll evaluate it and decide if there are enough resources to take on a new project.

Therefore, we use Ganttic to estimate the workloads of our resources and forecast if and when we can take on new projects.”

Lauri Reinart, Chief Structural Engineer
Innopolis Engineering

Join 100,000 users from construction, engineering, creative & design, IT, and consultancies

The right resource scheduling features

Track Availability

Filter by availability to optimize workload and utilization for less wastage and burnout.

Avoid Overbooking

Visually spot double-bookings and stamp out conflicts before schedules go out.


Estimate resource workloads to ensure capacity for unconfirmed and upcoming projects.

Specify Work Hours

Different teams have different schedules? Set unique working hours for each resource.

Holidays & Time Off

Clear visuals for vacations, public holidays, and PTO. Spot potential issues ahead of time.

Color & Highlight

Prioritize and highlight resource groups, projects or clients with custom coloring in different Views.

See all of Ganttic’s features

Ganttic is an easy learning software that we use daily for scheduling resources to our dozens of projects. The way Gantt charts are being generated for every project and the possibility to share it with our customers is a great feature.

Kevein D., Director of Operations

Schedule. Share. Collaborate.

For more than 13 years, Ganttic has empowered teams to plan more efficiently across the world.




Clients connect their teams from all over the world



Less Data entry

Reduce planning time & communication noise



Resources planned

More efficient resource schedules created daily.



Users + Sharing

Easily share plans with users, clients & others outside your organization.

Conflict-free transparency

Invite an unlimited number of users, but set specific user permissions and hierarchies. Multiple managers can plan simultaneously, while team members see only what you want them to see.

Limitless integration

A resource scheduler that fits every workflow. Use alongside your favorite work tools by creating custom integrations via Zapier and Ganttic API.

Automatically alert teams to changes

Update the plans without worrying if your team will notice the changes.

  • Set up notifications for different resources or projects.
  • Automatically keep everyone connected with Outlook and Google Calendar syncs.
  • The mobile app connects people offshore or out in the field.

Upgrade from Excel

Schedules getting unwieldy in Excel? By importing your spreadsheets into Ganttic, you’ll have a resource scheduling tool that feels as flexible as Excel. But with dedicated resource planning features.

It filled the space previously attempting to be filled by hundreds of Excel Gantt charts that could not easily be compared on a large scale.

Cameron M., Strategy & Planning Analyst

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Unlock all the benefits of resource scheduling software


Eliminate double bookings, conflicts, and underutilization. Maximize the potential of your workforce and assets.


Free unlimited users and real-time visibility make it simple for teams to coordinate and communicate.


Speed up scheduling processes and reduce manual errors. Adapt more quickly to changes and reduce costly mistakes.

Read what our clients accomplished

Case Study

“Planning is easily accessible and everyone can have quick glimpses of what’s to come.”


Diogo Romão

Managing Partner

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Case Study

“Thanks to Ganttic we are always able to see the big picture – who is doing what and when it’s happening. And all this with one glance.”


Pako Barreras

Managing Director

Read case study

Case Study

“Ganttic is clever straight away, easy to use and flexible – you can use it how you want, which makes it perfect for many creative teams and consultancies”.

Alison Perkins

Associate director and Head of studio

Read case study

Case Study

“After I started using Ganttic, for the first time ever, I was able to send our client a roadmap of their possible projects for the year.”

Joe Jenkins

Digital Resourcer

Read case study

Case Study

“We are taking on a lot more projects and hired more carpenters. Ganttic is a great scheduling tool for our current and future projects.“

Carl Christianson

Owner & Superintendent

Read case study

Case Study

“Different people from all over the company can look from different angles and get the most up to date information about their job.”

Helge Biernath

Co-founder and CEO

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