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IT resource management software

IT resource management software

Efficiently scheduling IT staff requires the perfect blend of skills and capacity management. Explore how Ganttic can streamline your IT resource allocation, keeping it in line with project goals and deadlines.

One-size-fits none

There’s no silver bullet for ICT resourcing and project planning. But Ganttic gives you the flexibility to use our toolbox to build your perfect workflow.

Keep it “lite”

Build plans from the ground up, using only the data you add. Nothing unnecessary and only what’s relevant to your organization.

Highly customizable

With Ganttic, you’re in control. Decide everything from user permissions, to color codes, time periods or work times.

Fits your workflow

Ganttic is highly configurable with built-in integrations, a REST style API, and webhooks.

One thing I like the most about Ganttic, is that it’s dedicated to resource planning. We explored many tools that have that feature, but it’s just a side feature. Being part of a resourcing team, I don’t need these other features. Having one just for people allocation is great.

Marija Donkov, Q agency

Tackle the future with a plan

See what’s coming next and plan accordingly. Take on future projects with confidence that you’ll have the right capacity.

Keep track of tech stacks

Use custom data fields to update and and organize everyone’s skills, tech stacks and employment status. Or any other data that helps you plan.

Schedule the right person for the job

See immediately who has the skills, know-how and availability to fill project roles. Filter down your resource pool to make it easier to see who’s on the bench. 

Eliminate burnout

Track resources and projects against work hours. Ensure no one is doing too little, but that employees aren’t burnt out.

Powerful reporting

Analyze data with Ganttic’s reports and charts. Easily export these to Excel for more insights. Or take reporting to the next level by utilizing Ganttic API to build even more powerful visuals.

We cut our planning time by half, 30% after we started using Ganttic and 50% once we implemented our own API client.

Oleguer Sagarra, Dribia

Upgrade from Excel

Bypass lengthy data entry by importing your spreadsheets and CSV files directly to Ganttic. Get a clearer version of your plans without losing any information in the process.

Works well with others

Ganttic fits alongside any workflow. Sync project schedules with MS Project. Import vacation days from your HR department. Or import time sheets for a more complete picture. Ganttic API and webhooks let you decide when and how often data is exchanged.

Limit access, not users

Every pricing plan allows unlimited users in Ganttic. Making it easy to share the schedule amongst your teams. Configure user permissions so that they have View-only rights, ensuring that plans stay intact. URL link – quick sharing

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See what our clients in ICT say

Case Study

“Ganttic for us, is a big database for keeping all that data in one place and a way to see who is currently on bench for the next project.”

Marija Donkov

Resourcing coordination expert

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Dribia's team photo used courtesy of Dribia

Case Study

“Today we’re 20 people, but tomorrow we might be 50. We needed a clear plan of what was coming next.”

Oleguer Sagarra

Co-Founder and Co-CEO

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A planning meeting done with Ganttic

Case Study

“Since Ganttic is a visual planning tool, everything is easy to understand. We love the fact that there aren’t any excessive details.”

Edmond Höppener

Project Manager

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