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PPM Project Portfolio Management Software

Project portfolio management software

Gain clarity at a glance with a centralized, big-picture view of resources across all your projects.  

Free for 14 days. No credit card required.
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Optimize resources across all projects

Dynamic Gantt charts bring projects to life. Clear overviews and drag and drop allocation make it easy to prioritize.

Universal planner

Schedule any resource type: people, equipment, vehicles, and facilities.

Align strategy

Ensure resources’ workloads, skills, and budgets fit projects’ goals.

Share resources

Track and share resources between multiple locations or projects.

We use Ganttic to forecast our project portfolio, not daily tasks.  It is simple to learn and easy to use. Not bloated with bells and whistles that make other software difficult and expensive.

Bryan H, Architect

Over 100,000 users from construction, IT, consultancies, and energy sectors manage their PPM with Ganttic

From drafts to delivery

Anticipate upcoming resourcing demands and foresee long-term capacity constraints. Draft project plans to identify bottlenecks and optimize workloads before making commitments.

Keep project data organized

Create custom Data Fields to incorporate key information about the portfolio. Track client specifics, budgets, milestones, and distinguish between confirmed and unconfirmed projects.

Customizable for each user

Gain control with personalized snapshots of the overall plan. Hide or highlight essential project details for any user, team, or department. Paring down big data for instant clarity and focus.

Fast drag and drop scheduling

Seamlessly move projects and tasks to their rightful places, with a simple drag and drop. Real-time visuals help keep up with new demands.

Say goodbye to PivotTables

No need to settle for one-size-fits-all. Zoom across the timeline for a look at the long-term, or concentrate on the here-and-now. Effortlessly flip between:

  • a resource Gantt chart
  • an all projects portfolio Gantt chart
  • a single project’s work breakdown structure

Hear it from our clients

“After I started using Ganttic, for the first time ever, I was able to send our client a roadmap of their possible projects for the year.”

For DRPG, Ganttic provided a customizable, yet systematic way to connect and organize different departments. The software makes planning clearer, and forecasting more concrete. Giving DRPG better oversight to plan, assess, and compare the teams’ potential projects and help create more accurate long-term planning.

Joe Jenkins, Digital Resourcer,

All the right features for PPM

Utilization Rates

Optimize resources’ utilizations for less costly wastage and burnout.

Reports & Charts

Automated reports and charts keep partners and stakeholders up to date.


Build a roadmap of upcoming projects and predict possible capacity constraints.


Visualize when important events are approaching and never miss a deadline.

Budget Tracking

Monitor freelancers’ and contractors’ salaries to ensure budgets stays on track.


Prioritize and decide what tasks come first with cross-portfolio dependencies.

See all of Ganttic’s features

Ganttic is an easy learning software that we use daily for scheduling resources to our dozens of projects. The way Gantt charts are being generated for every project and the possibility to share it with our customers is also a great feature.

Kevein, D. Director of Operations

Global connections.
More efficient PPM.

For more than 13 years, Ganttic has helped users globally connect resources and teams for a more efficient workflow and project outcomes.




Clients connect their teams across the world



Less Data entry

Reduce planning time & misaligned data




Construction, IT, engineering, energy sectors & more



Projects created

Events, contracts, experiments & beyond

Build the ideal workflow

Connect to thousands of apps via Zapier. Or build custom integrations with Ganttic API. Long-term plans from MS Project. Timesheets from ClickTime. And more. Develop a project portfolio management strategy that involves all your favorite apps.

Connected and in control

Collaboration on your terms. All of Ganttic’s pricing packages allow for unlimited users. Control what’s seen or changed with user hierarchies and fully customizable permissions.

Managers can make edits, team members will see their schedule across projects, and the portfolio stays intact.

Stop emailing out schedule changes

Resource-based and project-based alerts keep your team up to date on all the changes, without you needing to remind them. Or sync Google and Outlook Calendars to events in Ganttic. Plus, our mobile app connects your workers in the field.

Transition out of spreadsheets

When project plans begin to outgrow Excel’s capabilities, Ganttic is an ideal alternative. Import your existing project spreadsheets to get started with a dedicated PPM tool with the right features and security protocols immediately.

It filled the space previously attempting to be filled by hundreds of excel Gantt charts that could not easily be compared on a large scale.

Cameron M, Strategy & Planning Analyst

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Why is PPM software important?


Strategic resource allocation eliminates underutilization, while increasing productivity. Harnessing resources’ potential.


Unify efforts towards collective success and foster input from clients, stakeholders and everyone who matters.


Boost growth with greater precision. Prioritize and select projects that count, with smarter spending for optimal returns.

Read what our clients accomplished

Case Study

“At some point, we needed software allowing us to be more accurate, and to assign resources faster and accessible online. Ganttic covers our needs.”

Fred Lavenaire,

Head of Bus and Light railway

Read case study

Case Study

“We had a lot of equipment being moved from one testing site to another, it was necessary to have a detailed plan of what will be used and where.”

Dr. Dimitris Katsaounis

Technical manager

Read case study

Case Study

“Ganttic for us, is a big database for keeping all that data in one place and a way to see who is currently on bench for the next project.”

Marija Donkov

Resourcing coordination expert

Read case study

Case Study

“Different people from all over the company can look from different angles and get the most up to date information about their job.”

Helge Biernath

Co-founder and CEO

Read case study

Case Study

“We are taking on a lot more projects and hired more carpenters. Ganttic is a great scheduling tool for our current and future projects.“

Carl Christianson

Owner & Superintendent

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Dribia's team photo used courtesy of Dribia

Case Study

“Today we’re 20 people, but tomorrow we might be 50. We needed a clear plan of what was coming next.”

Oleguer Sagarra

Co-Founder and Co-CEO

Read case study
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Project portfolio management (PPM) software helps managers prioritize projects and tasks. Forecast future projects and ensure you have the right capacity to meet demands. PPM tools provide a high-level overview of project timelines, as well as the resources used to complete the work. Optimize project workflows from drafts to delivery.

PPM software is used in industries as diverse as IT, engineering, construction, architecture, consultancies, and creative agencies. Any organization with a PMO can benefit from PPM software.

Ganttic’s online PPM software can be used for free for organizations with less than 10 resources. Simply sign up and choose the free plan. No credit card is required for signup or free usage. See our pricing for more details.

Yes! You can book a live personal demo if you want to learn more about Ganttic. Or send our team an email. We’re always happy to help!