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Online Gantt Chart Software

Online Gantt chart

Ganttic is an online-based Gantt chart for resource planning and project portfolio management.

A simple, visual scheduler to increase organizational efficiency.

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Resource and project Gantt charts

Create plans from the perspective of projects OR resources. Change the POV for new insights and a complete understanding of how everything works together.

Resource planning

Resource-centric Gantts help allocate the right person, tool, or vehicle to scheduled tasks and control utilization.

Project scheduling

Forecast future projects with a WBS Note upcoming milestones and smooth out any bottlenecks along the way.

Portfolio management

A visual summary of the complete project portfolio. Keep an eye on the big picture and projects’ progress.

Ganttic is an easy learning software that we use daily for scheduling resources to our dozens of projects. The way Gantt charts are being generated for every project and the possibility to share it with our customers is a great feature.

Kevein D., Director of Operations

Quick allocation

A Gantt chart with resource allocation. Highlight who has the right skills and who’s free. Scheduling in seconds.

Reschedule tasks with ease

Drag and drop tasks for fast booking. Effortlessly schedule and reschedule in one go. Smooth out utilization, shift entire projects back, or move deadlines up with a few clicks.

Spot issues early on

Don’t let bottlenecks slow you down! With a visual roadmap at your fingertips, identify potential obstacles early on. Meet and exceed project deadlines. And keeping clients happy.

Centralized information hub

No more searching through countless spreadsheets for important data. Ganttic is a central hub for all your clients’ details, resource skill sets, and task requirements. Reshuffle your Gantt chart for new insights and more precise planning.

Personalized Gantt charts

Create unlimited custom Views out of the main plan. This allows each manager, team, or department to focus on their own specific tasks, resource pools, and time periods.

Schedule people and equipment

A Gantt chart for scheduling all resource types. Book people and vans for a delivery. A drone plus a technician for a work site. Or assembly-line robots plus maintenance teams for weekly inspections.

Hear it from our clients.

“Before I couldn’t find anything that showed both – the Resource View, which could be compared side-by-side to the Project View. The other options were typical Gantt charts that showed tasks, whereas Ganttic was more resource-centric. And it allowed us to jump back and forth between the two.“

Helge Biernath, CEO

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Gantt chart software and more

Track Availability

Filter by availability to optimize workload and utilization for less wastage and burnout.


Get priorities straight by deciding what tasks come first with clear dependencies.


Estimate resource workloads to ensure capacity for unconfirmed and upcoming projects.


A visual summary of deadlines and project milestones you can access from your pocket.

Vacations & Time Off

Clear visuals for vacations, public holidays, and PTO. Spot potential conflicts before the schedule goes out.

Color & Highlight

Prioritize and highlight different resource groups, projects, or clients with custom colors in different Views.

Get all these features and more

Ganttic is an incredibly powerful and flexible resource scheduling tool. We’ve been able to improve our scheduling processes significantly since using Ganttic!

Tünde K., Chair of the Workspace and Facility Management Committee

Online Gantt charts to connect your teams.

For more than 13 years, Ganttic has been the trusted choice of organizations around the world. Providing a visual planner which unites teams for success.



DIFFERENT industries

From work sites, factories, movie studios & beyond.



Less Data entry

Reduce the time it takes for planning & reallocation.



Resources planned

More efficient resource schedules created daily.



Users + Sharing

Easily share plans with users, clients & others outside your organization.

Integrated Gantt chart

Ganttic was built for those who believe in single-purpose tools. That’s why the Gantt charts can seamlessly integrate into any workflow. Build a no-code Zap in Zapier. Or develop your own system with Ganttic API.

Share in the planning

Invite unlimited users to the Gantt chart, for free! Easily keep clients, freelancers, and stakeholders up to date on the schedule. Customize permissions so they only see what’s relevant. Or design shareable Views that non-users can access with a quick link.

Keep teams up-to-date

Stop worrying whether or not updated plans are seen. Automatic notifications, Outlook and Google Calendar syncs, and a mobile app keep teams connected on any changes to their schedules.

Ditch the Excel templates

Free Gantt chart templates for Excel seem like an easy solution. But can end up costing more time, money, and stress than it’s worth. Replace Excel with a dedicated Gantt chart scheduler. Import your spreadsheet data and get started immediately. 

It filled the space previously attempting to be filled by hundreds of Excel Gantt charts that could not easily be compared on a large scale.

Cameron M., Strategy & Planning Analyst

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Unlock all the benefits of Gantt chart software


Maintain workload equilibrium, eliminate conflicts, and optimize resources.


Empower teams with real-time visibility and seamless collaboration.


Speed up processes, adapt swiftly to changes, and reduce costly errors.

Read what our clients accomplished

Case Study

“Planning is easily accessible and everyone can have quick glimpses of what’s to come.”


Diogo Romão

Managing Partner

Read case study

Case Study

“Thanks to Ganttic we are always able to see the big picture – who is doing what and when it’s happening. And all this with one glance.”


Pako Barreras

Managing Director

Read case study

Case Study

“We were looking for a resource management tool that looked like Ganttic. Then we came across Ganttic and it felt like a perfect fit.”

Innopolis Engineering

Lauri Reinart

Chief Structural Engineer

Read case study

Case Study

“This is awesome, we can track every single piece of equipment. We can keep track of where everything is in real-time.”

Allison Stroebele

Regional Director

Read case study

Case Study

“Ganttic is clever straight away, easy to use and flexible – you can use it how you want, which makes it perfect for many creative teams and consultancies”.

Alison Perkins

Associate director and Head of studio

Read case study

Case Study

“After I started using Ganttic, for the first time ever, I was able to send our client a roadmap of their possible projects for the year.”

Joe Jenkins

Digital Resourcer

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