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Gantt Chart Creator With Autosave and Undo | Ganttic Update

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Gantt chart creator with autosave and undo? Really? Yes!  

Gantt charts are so popular since they make resource scheduling quick and easy. Everything about them is simple. Gantt charts are easy to read and easy to modify. You’ll get an overview of resource allocation within minutes. If the plans change, you can just drag and drop the Gantt chart to another resource’s timeline. If the task will take more time than originally planned, you can easily edit the length of the Gantt chart. You can color-code them. You can add details to them. Creating Gantt charts is the part of scheduling that’s fun.

However, the fun is wiped away the second the resource planning tool you are using is making it complicated.

Unnecessary steps. Tricky resource reallocation. Forgetting some of the steps. Making the wrong steps. Missing information. Quick and easy? Not really.

Here at Ganttic, in Gantt charts we trust. That’s why we are also strong believers in making using Gantt charts for scheduling as easy as possible. We are always trying to figure out how to improve our drag and drop scheduling feature. With our latest update, we added autosave and undo options.

Why Autosave?

Autosave is going to make the scheduling process even faster. Resource scheduling is never a do it once and it’s done kind of job. You have to constantly tinker with the original plan. The timeline changes. New projects are added. The stakeholders’ priorities change.

Autosave is your best friend in any one of those instances. It’s your best friend if you need to reallocate resources. It’s your best friend if you need to change the length of a Gantt chart and nothing else. It’s your best friend if you tend to forget clicking on save (I mean, who doesn’t?).

As always, all of the changes you make will be displayed in the history log.

Autosave is just a must-have. And now you have it.

editing gantt charts with autosave

Why Undo?

Have you ever made a mistake while scheduling resources? Yeah. That’s why you need an undo button. Even more so if you have the autosave feature to make everything faster.

Did you accidentally delete a task? Undo! Did you change the length of the task and then discovered it was the wrong task? Undo! Did you get too excited about the autosave feature and dragged and dropped a task in a completely wrong place in the timeline? Undo!

The changes you undo won’t be displayed in the history log. You can play around without anyone wondering what’s going on with you. It’s the good kind of eraser that actually erases and doesn’t leave a gray spot behind.

drag and drop scheduling with undo

How to Turn on The Autosave Feature?

While the option to undo is always there for you when you need it (right now, you can undo task-related actions), you actually have to turn the autosave feature on. You’ll find the option in the general settings tab.

gantt chart settings turning on autosave

The autosave feature works after the tasks are manually saved. Any rescheduling you do after that is automatically saved if you turn the autosave feature on. You can drag the Gantt chart to another place in the timeline and change its length without the task dialog popping up.  


Ganttic is an online Gantt chart creator for resource management. Try it for free!

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