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An Excel Replacement for Resource Planning

Flexible replacement for Excel

Looking for a reliable alternative to spreadsheet project management? Leave the limitations of Excel behind with Ganttic’s web-based solution.

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Hassle-free planning

Ganttic is an Excel replacement that combines the versatility of spreadsheets, with the dedicated features of a project resource planner. Saving you time and preventing stress.

Resource agnostic

Schedule any resource type for projects and tasks: people, equipment, vehicles, tools, facilities, and more.

Dedicated features

Monitor resource utilization, track project progress, & build reports. Mix and match features for customizable planning.

Import spreadsheets

Get started today by importing pre-existing spreadsheet data. Upload your CSV and bypass time-consuming setup.

It filled the space previously attempting to be filled by hundreds of Excel Gantt charts that could not easily be compared on a large scale.

Cameron M., Strategy & Planning Analyst

Universal planner

An Excel substitute that embraces versatility, but with added power and precision. Effortlessly plan people, equipment, rooms, and vehicles with the same flexibility you love.

Fast task scheduling

Click, drag and drop to schedule tasks. Assign work to multiple resources with just a few clicks. Or shift whole projects, along with their connected tasks. An Excel replacement that’s not only fast, but efficient.

Error-proof project planning

Clearly see who’s free and who’s already booked. Eliminating double-bookings and potential delays. Real-time updates and web-based access means there’s no confusion about the “right version” of the plans.

Organize complex data

Create custom data fields then use them for intuitive organization, grouping, and filtering. Stop flipping through countless sheets and losing track of valuable info.

Dynamic overview

Visual Gantt charts allow you to effortlessly dig deep into project specifics or zoom out for the big picture. Say goodbye to static grids and embrace a visual, intuitive platform that breathes life into your project schedules.

Monitor & optimize resource usage

Resourcing in Excel keeps you in the dark about hours and workload. Ganttic automatically tracks resource utilization – ensuring your team isn’t overworked, but you get the most out of equipment. Optimize utilization, while avoiding burnout. 

Hear it firsthand

“When we were planning resources with Excel, we had something like Ganttic in mind. We were looking for a resource management tool that looked like Ganttic. Then we came across Ganttic and it felt like a perfect fit. It quickly became our main resource planning tool.”

Lauri Reinart, Chief Structural Engineer
Innopolis Engineering

Join 100,000 users from engineering, construction, manufacturing, production & beyond

An Excel replacement with the right features

Customizable User Rights

Control users’ access with customizable permissions and user hierarchies.

Automated Reports

Save time by building report templates that are automatically sent to your boss’ or clients’ inboxes.

Utilization Rates

See who or what’s available to take on new work and optimize resource utilization.

Avoid Overbookings

Get alerted to project bottlenecks and sort out overbookings before schedules go out.

Color & Highlight

Keep the color schemes you’re used to with various options to highlight booking types, clients, holidays, and more.

Custom Data Fields

Custom data fields provide the info you need without making a mess of schedules or flipping through multiple sheets.

Ganttic proved to be the better alternative than all these old-school Excel sheets for resource management.

Manuel D., CTO

Secure, cloud-based collaboration.

For more than 13 years, Ganttic has been the trusted solution for teams who’ve outgrown spreadsheet planning.




Construction sites, pipelines, movie sets & more




Clients connect their teams across the world



Less Data entry

Reduce planning time & manual input



Projects created

Events, contracts, experiments & beyond

Replace Excel, but maintain workflow

Move across platforms with ease. Sync Ganttic’s resource planner with Google or Outlook Calendar. Create custom integrations via Ganttic’s API or with a quick Zap from Zapier. Ganttic connects teams and tools in a way that spreadsheets can’t. 

Instantaneous updates

Stop worrying whether your team checks their inboxes if changes are made to their schedules. Ganttic’s cloud-based platform updates in real-time. And with alerts, calendar syncs, or a mobile app you can save yourself the trouble of keeping staff informed of updates.

Free unlimited users

Every Ganttic price plan allows unlimited users. There’s no need to pay more for collaboration and extra licenses. Adjustable permissions ensure transparency, but keep you in control.

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Why do you need an alternative to Excel?


As your organization grows, spreadsheets become more unwieldy. A replacement to Excel’s chaotic sheets that will help you grow more sustainably.


Break free from spreadsheet limitations with real-time collaboration. Effortlessly ensure every team member is on the same page.


Adapt to change seamlessly. Make adjustments on the fly without compromising project schedule integrity.

Read what our clients have accomplished

Case Study

“We are taking on a lot more projects and hired more carpenters. Ganttic is a great scheduling tool for our current and future projects.“

Carl Christianson

Owner & Superintendent

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Case Study

“This is awesome, we can track every single piece of equipment. We can keep track of where everything is in real-time.”

Allison Stroebele

Regional Director

Read case study

Case Study

“Different people from all over the company can look from different angles and get the most up to date information about their job.”

Helge Biernath

Co-founder and CEO

Read case study

Case Study

“After I started using Ganttic, for the first time ever, I was able to send our client a roadmap of their possible projects for the year.”

Joe Jenkins

Digital Resourcer

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Case Study

“We were looking for a resource management tool that looked like Ganttic. Then we came across Ganttic and it felt like a perfect fit.”

Innopolis Engineering

Lauri Reinart

Chief Structural Engineer

Read case study

Case Study

“Thanks to Ganttic we are always able to see the big picture – who is doing what and when it’s happening. And all this with one glance.”


Pako Barreras

Managing Director

Read case study
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