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Visual Resource Overview

Ganttic is resource management software for planning out projects and booking resources for jobs. Develop a clear visual overview of workflow, project deadlines, and resource utilization.

Always Find the Right Resource

Plan using all the facts. Organize intuitively to find exactly who or what you need for the job at hand. Include info like:

  • Locations, departments, and timezones
  • Client and project requirements
  • The weight and model of equipment
  • Your team’s skill sets and certifications
  • Maintenance dates
  • Budgets and salaries


Increase resource efficiency and get more from less!
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Simplify Your Resource Management

Resource management software with simple drag and drop. Book new jobs and reallocate tasks quickly. Automatic alerts and push notifications keep the team up to speed on any changes.

Build Reports Quickly

Create report templates and send out reports automatically – even to non-users. Complete resource management that doesn’t feel complex to use. 

Plan From Different POVs

Ergonomic and intuitive. Decide the focal point and see plans from a new perspective. See how your projects, resources, and tasks all work together. Gather new insights and outsmart potential conflicts.

Dedicated Resource Management Features

Ganttic is as flexible and easy to use as Excel. But with an emphasis on managing resources, you won’t miss those messy spreadsheets. Import your Excel files directly into the app, and skip doubling up on data entry.

Balance Human and Non-Human Resources

Simultaneously manage all your projects’ resources. Schedule people, tools, machines, rooms, and more from one centralized location. Level, smooth, and reallocate resources as needed.

Optimize Team Efficiency

The first resource-centric Gantt chart. Quickly spot any project resourcing gaps. Sort out bottlenecks before they destroy your timeline. Automatic utilization calculations ensures that equipment isn’t underutilized and team members don’t burn out.

Curated Views of Plans

Share curated plans with users and non-users alike. Create custom Views – highlighting only pertinent projects and tasks, and hiding anything unnecessary. Custom color options help mark what’s important.

Custom Integrations

Use Ganttic to manage resources without dumping your other favorite tools. Sync with Outlook and Google Calendar. Get creative with Zapier’s no-code tool. Or design a custom workflow with Ganttic’s API.

Cloud-based Collaboration

Access and update the planner from anywhere. With unlimited users and custom user permissions, you control exactly what everyone can see and change.

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