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Creative agency resource management software

Creative agency resource management software

Get real-time updates at a glance and always book the right resource for the job. See how Ganttic can help you manage people, projects, and equipment for creative agencies and spaces.


No matter what you’re making or how you’re planning it, Ganttic gives you the flexibility to do it your way. A purpose-built resource planner perfect for any creative team.

Studios & Post-production

Schedule rooms and equipment. Without worrying about double-bookings.

Film, TV, & Events

Crew your shows and sets. Ensuring deadlines and capacity are met.

Creative Agencies

Manage in-house and freelance artists. Monitoring working hours and budget.

Ganttic is clever straight away, easy to use and flexible – you can use it how you want. Which makes it perfect for many creative teams and consultancies.

Alison Perkins, associate director and head of studio, Pegasus.

Schedule people + equipment

Create a resource pool that includes people, equipment, rooms, vehicles or more. Allowing you to book multiple resource types together for the same job.

Schedule the most qualified operator with the right camera for the shoot. Or book a producer and a studio together for a recording session.

Book by skills & experience

Keep track of your resource pool’s skills, areas of expertise, or other identifiable traits. By adding data fields, you can create your own system of tags and organization.

Plan your pipeline

See what’s on deck for the day or create a roadmap of what’s to come. Ensure you always have the right capacity to stick to deadlines and deliver projects.

Creative color coding

Add color to plans for easy, visual tracking. Create a color coding system for different statuses, clients, shows, job types, types of leave, and more. At a glance, see who is doing what.

Intuitive organization

Group and organize your resource pool by the data that matters. See at a glance how a different location is performing. Or whether your group of set builders have the time to tackle a new show.

Plan first, assign after

Manage incoming and unconfirmed jobs with unassigned tasks. Once the project gets the green light, filter by availability and skills to find the best for the job.

Flexible booking types

Balance simultaneous bookings without overloading team members. Manage half-day and part-time tasks, tweaking utilization as needed.

After we started using Ganttic a few years ago we have grown to love every aspect of the scheduling tool. It’s great for planning, logging, and pulling reports on all aspects of our choosing.

Rahul B., Artworker Team Lead

Share the plan

With unlimited users and a real-time interface, Ganttic helps you instantly communicate changes. Automatically notify the team to show changes, newly confirmed work, and shifting deadlines. Or keep teams in the field connected with Calendar integrations and a mobile app.

Upgrade from Excel

Over 80% of our clients have made the switch from spreadsheets to Ganttic. With all the flexibility options, but with a shareable drag-and-drop interface, you’ll see why for yourself.

Synchronize your apps & workflow

From built-in Outlook or GCal integrations, to a REST-style API and webhooks, Ganttic is fully extensible and ready to scale with your workflow.

See what our creative clients say

Case Study

“After I started using Ganttic, for the first time ever, I was able to send our client a roadmap of their possible projects for the year.”

Joe Jenkins

Digital Resourcer

Read case study

Case Study

“Ganttic is clever straight away, easy to use and flexible – you can use it how you want, which makes it perfect for many creative teams and consultancies”.

Alison Perkins

Associate director and Head of studio

Read case study

Case Study

“Thanks to Ganttic we are always able to see the big picture – who is doing what and when it’s happening. And all this with one glance.”


Pako Barreras

Managing Director

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