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Resource Planning Tools for Creative Teams

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Although there are many different teams that use Ganttic, a number of the plans made in Ganttic are for the creative industry since they often need a flexible tool for project portfolio management. Whether it’s a mobile solution, web page, an event, an animation or a commercial. Whether Ganttic is used for team resource planning, equipment tracking or booking the studios. Ganttic is happy to be a part of the process that helps those creative minds come together.

Isn’t that the point of resource planning tools? To be a part of whatever you are doing in a way that will let the real heroes shine? Here’s an overview how creative teams use Ganttic and the result of resources planned well.

creative teams use resource planning tools for team resource planning, equipment tracking and/or booking the studios etc


Whether they color their planner by task, project or custom data fields – if a creative company is planning resources with Ganttic, there are always colors. If their tasks are colored by task colors, there is usually colors for each task type, everything from pitching and backend development to actual releases – it has its own color. That way, after they have created a view with coloring by task colors, they can easily see what each resource is working on without having to zoom in to actually read the task title. A good overview is what working with a resource management tool is all about.

Our client Moment Factory has created some of this general awesomeness with our resource management software:

Moment Factory [DEMO REEL] from Moment Factory on Vimeo.

Or maybe you happened to catch Red Hot Chilli Peppers Getaway Tour? Our software helped the guys at Moment Factory to have an overview of their resources to make the creative solution there, too:

The Getaway Tour, Red Hot Chili Peppers [DEMO] from Moment Factory on Vimeo.


Their resources are almost never overbooked. Team resource planning is done with utter consideration. There seem to be one or two busy bees in each resource pool whose utilization percentage is a bit over a hundred but as a rule, creative teams seem to be pretty good at resource scheduling. Could this be because they keep track of the actual skills they have? In addition to the department custom data field in their resource dialog, creative companies often have a data field labeled “SKILLS”. You probably already know how important it is to match tasks with resources actual skills.

So when our client Monday planned resources for those beautiful and interactive websites, they probably filtered out the best UI/UX designer available. Read Monday’s full case study.

website gif
website gif 2



Since creative companies are mostly working on multiple projects at once, they tend to use custom views with different filters to know what’s going on with each project. Saving different views with different parameters makes project portfolio management easier since you can see your resources’ tasks from the perspective of all the projects that they are working on.

The next time you are going on an adventure with Reel FX know, that we are a tiny part of the magic since they use Ganttic to schedule resources:

Book Of Life – Our second full-length feature animation. from Reel FX on Vimeo.

Despicable Me 2: Minion Mayhem | Before and After from Reel FX on Vimeo.

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