The minds behind Ganttic

10 years of Ganttic

In 2002, we started developing software solutions for the woodworking industry and in the beginning of 2004, Woodware Systems came to be. Originally, we planned to name the software ‘Woodstock’ (as a big portion of our clientele dealt with stocking wood products), but as the word associated with the 1960s music festival, rather than a tool for scheduling wood-related processes, we decided to go with Woodware.

Woodware Systems' success only fuelled our enthusiasm, so we began working on another project. However, this time we decided not to focus solely on the woodworking industry, but provide a simple and affordable scheduling tool for anyone with the need to manage resources. As a result, Yutiti was born in 2008.

As Yutiti was greeted with open arms and our clients' feedback was positive, we decided to take yet another step, so in July 2010, we launched Ganttic - a simplified web-based resource allocation software. One might even say that Ganttic’s just a more advanced version of Yutiti.

Since we started working together in 2002, we have developed a lot - the systems, our tools and ourselves! And we haven't stopped yet!

The team

Margo Saaremets

Margo handles your queries on a day-to-day basis. He's the guy to speak to when things go wrong. Regardless of your time zone, you can always trust him to be prepared to find a solution for you if you get stuck.

Ivar Veenpere

With a degree in cybernetics and a lot of experience in business leadership, Ivar makes sure Ganttic works. Be it marketing, HTML or payment related issues, you can be sure he knows it through and through.

Rainer Kivimaa

Rainer's the guy that makes Ganttic actually happen. He's been coordinating the creation of Ganttic from day one and without his bright ideas and coding skills, you'd still be using spreadsheets.

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