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About us

10 years of Ganttic

For more than a decade, Ganttic’s resource planning software has helped thousands of users make better plans. See how it all began. And why we’re so obsessed with efficiency.  

How it all started

The team behind Ganttic started working together in 2002, by building and developing a tool to schedule wood-related processes. Known as Woodware Systems, the 3 co-founders sought to combine their home country’s penchant for digital technology and its booming lumber industry. By 2004, Woodware Systems had set up an office in Tartu, Estonia, and it quickly gathered clients and momentum.

(Photo: Margus Asu, Postimees)

A photo of some of Ganttic's founding partners from a local newspaper outlet.

Change of vision

After the success of Woodware Systems, the team began working on another project. Noticing the overall market’s gap in a simple and affordable scheduling tool, they decided to expand beyond the woodworking industry. Instead focusing on a platform which could be used in any sector and with any resource. This idea became a reality in 2008, with the development and launch of a new resource management system, known as Yutiti (an Estonian play on words, for how a line, in this case a schedule, can tell a story). 

The beginning of Ganttic started humbly enough on a whiteboard, although an online planner definitely has its advantages.

Ganttic was born

After initial testing and client feedback, it was decided to simplify Yutiti. This lighter, more accessible, web version became what is today Ganttic. With the name reflecting the system’s incorporation of Gantt chart scheduling and a greater emphasis on visual planning. Officially launching in August 2010, Ganttic’s online resource planner found immediate success, not only in Estonia, but throughout the world.

Early iteration of Ganttic resource planner

A more efficient world

Ganttic has always been about doing more with less. Maybe it’s because we’re from a small country, but we believe in the sustainable usage of resources over wasteful overconsumption and underutilization. Whether that be people, natural resources, or machinery. We wanted to build a product that reflected this. Ganttic is a simple resource management system that is able to do powerful things. With it, anyone can build their own more efficient world.

A more efficient world is not only better for business, but better for the environment as well

Now and the future

Ganttic has always been driven by its clients.  Listening to clients’ feedback and incorporating that into new updates and features is something that we have always done and will continue to do. This is the reason why 40% of our users end up growing their companies and resource pools after implementing Ganttic. Whether they’re designing houses, building lifeboats, or developing vaccines. It’s our clients who are the ones building a more efficient world, we’re just proud to build the platform which they can do it on.

Ganttic's current management team in 2021

Our team

Ivar Veenpere

Partner and Co-founder

With a degree in Economic Cybernetics and a background in business management, Ganttic co-founder Ivar has always looked for the best way to make different elements fit together. That’s how, as the self-described “glue” that holds Ganttic together, he can oversee the day-to-day operations while ensuring that the company behind Ganttic’s software runs as smoothly as the app.

Rainer Kivimaa

Partner and Co-founder/ Head of Development

Rainer holds his degree in Physics from the University of Tartu and he applies this same meticulous approach daily as Ganttic’s head of development. As one of the 3 original co-founders of Ganttic and more than 20 years of experience in software development, Rainer is helping to build a more efficient world with Ganttic’s app.

Margo Saaremets

Customer Experience Manager

With degrees in Religious Studies and Cultural Management, and interests ranging from music, psychology, philosophy to the intersection of technology and management, Margo is the one to turn to when you have a problem. He began leading Ganttic’s Customer Experience Team 8 years ago. Using his diverse background, as well as his curious personality, he is willing to dive into the specifics of any resource and project portfolio management related question.

Katrin Kurg

Customer Experience Manager

With a background in Ecology and Biodiversity Conservation, Katrin is the driving force behind Ganttic’s customer satisfaction. Managing B2B sales and training, she crafts personalized solutions for clients. Known for her fantastic support, deep knowledge, and genuine politeness, Katrin’s approach goes the extra mile. Her quick and effective solutions during calls reflect her commitment to providing top-notch service. Beyond work, Katrin’s diverse interests include kickboxing and cycling, reflecting her dynamic and multifaceted personality.

Amanda Haynes

Marketing Manager

Upon receiving her MSci in Political Science at the University of Tartu, Amanda made the logical jump to marketing and communications. Heading up the marketing department, she ensures that Ganttic’s message of efficiency reaches the right eyes and ears. Get in contact with any marketing related requests.

Our head office is located in the beautiful Estonian city – Tartu

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