What is Ganttic?

Ganttic is an all visual resource planning tool for project portfolio management. Our approach to Gantt charts allows you to have the best possible overview of your plans, by having the possibility to see them from both projects’ and resources’ perspective. Since you pay for the resources you are using, not the users, Ganttic sets’ no limits to collaboration. Every user can sync resources that are important to them to their Google Calendar. For having your plans always in your pocket, you can also download our iOS or Android app. Although you can set concurrent tasks in Ganttic, you can also have an eye on the workload by using our instant utilization graphs. Since Ganttic is a web-based software, you and every single one of you team members can access it from anywhere. Since Ganttic works best for enterprise-level planning, it knows how to handle big data. Our planner offers almost endless possibilities with custom data fields, different views, and filtering. Additionally, thanks to different timing options, it works great even if your team is scattered all over the world. In contrast to spreadsheets or some complicated PM software, rescheduling in Ganttic takes a few clicks, and the changes are shared with others instantly. If we had to praise ourselves with one sentence, we would say that Ganttic is easy to use, flexible, and shows you all the possible perspectives of your plans.


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For more information or press inquiries please contact us via email info@ganttic.com