What is Ganttic?

Ganttic combines the flexibility and freedom of spreadsheets with the ease of use and specific features of dedicated resource management software. The cloud-based application is a solution to the hassles of Excel as well as overly complicated ERP, and fits comfortably amongst PMOs in every business sector. Giving control to the user to plan both human and nonhuman resources simultaneously.

Features such as drag and drop scheduling make it easy to update plans quickly and on-the-fly. Built in metrics such as resource and task utilization helps make more informed decisions, and promotes healthier team dynamics. The custom data fields help manage your global and dispersed teams, by providing a way to organize, filter, and group via the data that matters to you. View plans via Gantt charts for more accurate long-term forecasting or see projects as Kanban boards for an alternative POV.

Ganttic integrates natively with Google and Outlook Calendar, and is extensible through a REST API and webhooks. All this plus automated reports, unlimited sharing and users, and world-class customer support make Ganttic the perfect planner for your specific needs.


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For More Information

For more information or press inquiries please contact us via email info@ganttic.com