Plan Resources and Projects

Add Your Data

Your data is what makes the gears go around in the tool. With custom data fields, you can make Ganttic fit your data like a glove. 

Personalize the Planner

You can choose everything starting from resources' working time to time zones.

Control the Permissions

Although you can invite unlimited number users, it doesn't mean these users have unlimited rights. You are the one giving out permits to view or edit resources and projects.

Control the Workload

Set Working Hours

Your resources don't work from 9 to 5? You can set each resource different working hours!

Plan by Effort

You don't want to plan using task duration but the effort it should take to complete the task? Set the start date and the planning tool will do the rest for you!

Adjust the Utilization

Don't want your resources to be overbooked? Instantly, after you have created a task, a utilization graph will appear. You decide. We do the math.

Concurrent Tasks

Is multitasking an essential for you? Of course, it is! That's why we have concurrent tasks to which you can set different utilizations to. That way you can control the priorities.
Capacity utilization calculations

Adjust the Level of Details

Task timeline
New York

Group Resources

Working on multiple projects in multiple locations? Group the resources according to your needs!

Tailor color schemes

Need to have an instant overview? Color tasks and projects systematically!

Filter anything

Your data has the capacity that equals to Mount Everest plus a blue whale? Filtering helps you find the resources, tasks, projects you need.

Create Clear Reports

Select the Viewpoint

Need to generate a number of different kind of reports? You can choose all the fields displayed in the reports.

Choose the Format

Whether you want to save your reports as PDF or CSV or you want to print them out - you got it!

Automate Reporting

Weekly reports? Monthly reports? Daily reports? You set the parameters, we send the reports out automatically!

Unleash the power of Ganttic

Automatic history tracking

Track Task, Project and Resource History

Ain't no change made in secret in Ganttic. Everything is trackable through history.

Add Dependencies to Tasks

Some of your tasks need to be completed before others can start? Done!
Create a gantt chart from multiple google calendars

Synchronize with Google Calendar

Want to keep all of your plans in one place? Ganttic is a resources planning tool that can be synced with Google Calendar!

Calculate and plan task durations based on effort

Use Advanced Task Timing

If precision is what you are looking for you can set tasks with 15-minute accuracy. If you aren't after precision, you can plan tasks with 1-day accuracy.
Recurring tasks

Set Recurring Tasks

You have tasks that are routine for each day, week or month? Set recurring tasks and the scheduling software will do half of the planning for you.
Compare planned and actual time spent on task or project

Track Used Time

Want to know if your plans have anything to do with real life? Our used time feature helps you track the time it really took your team to complete a task.

Browse all of the Planning Features

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