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Build, Plan, View, and Collaborate

Build, Plan, View, and Collaborate

Take a tour of Ganttic’s resource planning software. Build plans around your data. Plan according to your workflow. View from unique POVs and time frames. And collaborate on your terms. See why Ganttic is considered the most flexible resource planner.

Build to Fit Your Needs

Your data is the building blocks of Ganttic. Create plans with just the info you need. Nothing extra.

Personalized Data

Your data, your way. Custom data fields for resources, projects, and tasks help to create plans with the info that matters. Group, filter, and plan around your organization’s specifics.

Highlight and Customize

Create unique color schemes for projects and tasks. Recognize at a glance what your team’s up to. And highlight important bookings for a client or project. Customize with purpose.

Meaningful Organization

Organize your resources more relevantly. Group them around projects. Or use resource data fields to group by location, department, time zone, anything!

Plan According to Your Workflow

Ganttic’s flexible platform lets you decide how plans are created. From simple scheduling to complex management and everything in between. Tailor it exactly to your needs.

Flexible Bookings

Schedule a client meeting. Book a bulldozer. Plan an event. Or do all three. With multi-resource planning and concurrent task scheduling there’s no double bookings or conflict.

Ergonomic planning

Plan in a more comfortable way. Start by creating a project. Or schedule tasks to resources. Alternatively, craft unassigned tasks and add resources later. You choose how to begin.

Simple Drag and Drop

Schedule and reschedule with a couple of clicks. Simplify the booking process and readjust if issues arise. Keep your team up-to-date in real-time.

Deliver an accurate picture of your plans. Start now for free.

View the Big Picture and Tiny Details

With a choice between Gantt charts, Kanban boards, reports, lists, and charts, Ganttic has a way to see your plans from the POV you want.

Any Perspective

The big picture or just a snapshot of your plan. With unlimited custom Views, highlight different aspects and hide redundant information.

Adjustable Overview

Easily zoom in and out to look at different time frames of your plans. Get a bird’s eye view of the entire portfolio. Or zero-in on the details of the day.

Track Efficiency

Ensure that nothing is under utilized and no one’s overworked. Utilization tracking is done automatically for resources and groups. Burnout is clearly illustrated and avoidable.

Collaborate on Your Terms

All of our pricing plans let you invite an unlimited number of users. You call the shots when it comes to who has access, and who can edit.

Unlimited Users

Bring others in on your plans. Share reports and schedules with your team. Or go outside your organization, involving stakeholders and clients.

Controlled Sharing

Restrict access, not sharing. Define exactly who sees what and who can edit. Transparent plans that are secure.

Automated Reporting

Automatically send custom reports. Choose the recipient and the regularity. Then relax as Ganttic calculates the results.

Unleash the power of Ganttic

Monitor Task, Project and Resource Changes

No changes are made in secret. Everything is trackable through history and the planner’s log. Restore tasks, projects, and resources.

Track Used Time

Are plans based in reality? Our used time feature helps you track the time it actually took for your team to complete a task.

Set Recurring Tasks

Have tasks that regularly repeat themselves? Set recurring tasks and Ganttic will do half of the planning for you.

Use Advanced Task Timing

Set start and end times or have Ganttic calculate them based on duration and load. Determine which days resources are available and at what times.

Synchronize with Google and Outlook Calendar

Want to keep all of your plans in one place? Ganttic can be synced with your favorite online Calendar!

Add Task Dependencies

Do some tasks need to be completed before others start? Mark them as dependent and create a workflow.

Don’t just take our word for it

Case Study

“At some point, we needed software allowing us to be more accurate, and to assign resources faster and accessible online. Ganttic covers our needs.”

Fred Lavenaire,

Head of Bus and Light railway

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Case Study

“We had a lot of equipment being moved from one testing site to another, it was necessary to have a detailed plan of what will be used and where.”

Dr. Dimitris Katsaounis

Technical manager

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Case Study

“Ganttic for us, is a big database for keeping all that data in one place and a way to see who is currently on bench for the next project.”

Marija Donkov

Resourcing coordination expert

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