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Only pay for the Resources you use. All plans allow unlimited Users.

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Gantic software can also be used for free. With the free version, you have the opportunity to use a maximum of 10 different resources.

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Need a special package?

None of the packages presented here seem to fit your resource planning needs? You have more than 1500 resources? No worries, we got you! Contact us, and we will figure something out for you.

What’s a resource?

Resources are anyone and anything that needs to be a planned for a project to succeed. So people, rooms, machinery – you name it!

Don’t confuse resources with users! Ganttic has unlimited users which means anyone from your team can access it, regardless of how many resources you have in use.

API access

Ganttic API is only available for customers with a Pro account.

Where can I pay?

Select and pay for your package in the Ganttic web app. Find it under the “My Account” view.

Pricing options for EDU & ENT

Contact for pricing of EDU and ENT packages.

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