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Project Management Features

Gantt View
Timeline View
Task Dependencies
Concurrent task scheduling
Task utilization percentage
Kanban board options for projects
Custom project and task data fields
Conditional coloring options
High-level portfolio overview

Collaborative Features

Simultaneous editing and updating
Invite unlimited users
Share via URL
Real-time live updates
Data import/export
Google and Outlook Sync
Integrate all tools via API

Resource Management Features

Utilization tracking
Custom resource data fields
Resource filtering
Resource grouping

Usability and Automation

Drag and drop scheduling
Bulk user permissions
Recurring tasks
Automatic reports
Project Shifting
Task splitting
Automatic software updates


Unalterable History log
Invitation-only planner
Cloud data storage
Twice-daily backup
Customizable user permissions
Ability to hide specific information from users

Make the switch from spreadsheets

“When we were planning resources with Excel, we had something like Ganttic in mind. We were looking for a resource management tool that looked like Ganttic. Then we came across Ganttic and it felt like a perfect fit. It quickly became our main resource planning tool.”

Lauri Reinart, Chief Structural Engineer
Innopolis Engineering

Join 100,000 users from engineering, construction, manufacturing, production & beyond

Import directly from Excel

If you are already have a resource tracking spreadsheet, you can import your data directly into Ganttic. Saving time, reducing errors, and eliminating the need to duplicate data. Get started today with a dedicated tool to replace Excel once and for all!

Better collaboration

An Excel alternative with free users. With unlimited users and dedicated user hierarchies Ganttic beats Excel any day. Ensure that everyone can access the plan without worrying about changes in the process.

Ganttic proved to be the better alternative than all these old-school Excel sheets for resource management.

Manuel D., CTO

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