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Ganttic Update | New History Logs

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Our first update of the new year provides users with a new way to see your plans’ history. Giving busy PMs like yourself more details and insight into what’s going on. Plus, a way to easily restore changes if something accidentally gets deleted.

Read on to find out what’s changed, what’s new, and how it will improve the way you plan.

History Remodel

Maybe you can’t change the past, but our latest update gives History a facelift.

By clicking on the “History” button for Tasks, Projects, and Resources, all users can get a rundown of what’s happened. With a detailed log of each planning element.

Click on the the "History" button to open the Log for any particular task, project, or resource. 
Click on the the “History” button to open the Log for any particular task, project, or resource. 

Your Project's log gives a rundown of everything that's happened in that particular project.
The Project log shows all actions related to the specific project.

Tip: As long as a user can see a specific Task, Resource, or Project, they can also view the accompanying log. These logs cannot be changed, even by admins. Providing an unaltered history of your plans.

Log Features

When you open the log you’ll be able to see:

Timestamp – The timeframe of events. Go as far back as you need, a particular date, or select a specific length of time.
Who – The user’s name.
Event – The action involved. Includes add, delete, update, archive, dearchive or login
Object – The object that was affected. Includes User, Task, Project, and Resource.
What – The name of the element affected i.e. task, project, and resource name.
Status – Whether the element is now active, archived, or deleted.
Description – Summary of what happened.
Tip: Filter out exactly what you’re looking for in the logs. Click any of the headers and choose or type in your parameters. Save time by finding exactly what you need.

Accessing the Logs

There are 3 ways to see your planner’s logs

  • Task, Project, and Resource History logs
  • User logs
  • Account History log

All Admins have access to each of these logs. Regular users can only see the Task, Project, and Resource History logs.

History of Tasks, Projects, and Resources
To see the log, click the History button in the dialog window for Tasks, Projects and Resources.

View the history of Tasks, Projects, and Resources

User Logs
User logs are only available to account Admins.

To access, go to Users on the side bar and click on a specific User. Then in the User dialog window, click “User log.”

User Logs lets you see everything a particular user is engaged in.

Now you have a rundown of everything that particular user is engaged in.

If you want to know more about a specific activity, click the three dots to the right of the description. This will open the Log for that particular Task, Resource, or Project.

Click the 3 dots to the right of the log and open the dialog window for the resource, project, or task.

Account History Log
The Account History log gives Admins an overview of EVERYTHING in their planners. To access, click on the Ganttic logo in the top left corner.

Click the Ganttic logo to access the Planner log.

Tip: Can’t remember how to access the Log? Just remember to click the LOGo a the top.

What Benefits Will You See?

Why bother with this new feature? What kind of info will you be able to get from the log? See how this update will help your planning.

You’ll know be able to:

  • See when users logged in

Need to make sure your team is checking their plans? With the log update you can now see the time and date that users last logged in. Or if they are logged in currently. This is denoted by the green signal after the login date.

Having this info is great for your remote and hybrid teams. Because even if you aren’t all in the office, you can still ensure that everyone’s up to date on the latest version of the plans.

See when your users last logged in or if they are online now. Ensuring that everyone can see the changes.
  • See all the changes to the planner

Are your current plans different from the ones you created? Maybe dates needed to be pushed back. Or extra tasks had to be added to projects. With the updated Logs, you can put your magnifying glass and deerstalker hat away.

Because now you’ll be able to clearly see when changes were made, and by whom. With the “whens” and “whos” in place, you can more easily track down the “why.” As well as make more accurate plans for the future.

  • Restoring deleted Tasks, Projects, and Resources

Was something deleted by accident? No worries!

Now, Admins can easily restore any Task, Project, or Resource which has been deleted.

Now you can restore tasks, projects, and resources that were accidentally deleted.

Save the time and hassle. Just click the three buttons to the right of description in the User or Planner log. A pop up will open where you’ll find the option to Restore the deleted object. Now you’re in control.

“Who controls the past controls the future.”

With our latest updates you’ll be able to take control of your current and future plans, by examining your past. Track the changes. Fix the mistakes. And get into a better planning rhythm for the year to come.

This log update is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of our History updates. More updates are coming, with plans to help you “time travel.” So keep on the lookout by following our blog. Or following us on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Happy planning!

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