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Resource Capacity Planning Software

Create a clear plan with resource capacity planning software

Ganttic is an online resource capacity planner helping you balance project demands with real-world availability. Creating a clear road map to run more efficiently and achieve more, with less.

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An overview that prevents oversight

Resource-centric Gantt charts give you a high-level overview of capacity at the moment or of what’s to come.

Real-time visuals

View your team’s workload in real-time with visual capacity heatmaps. Spot peak periods and bottlenecks at a glance

Utilization tracking

Forecast future projects with clarity. Plan according to who can take on more and eliminate capacity wastage.

Capacity planning reports

Build and share capacity planning reports. Automate reporting and collaborate on the analysis.

I really like the ability to get an overview of the resource capacity. So I can make sure no employees get overloaded.

Raymond V., Project Manager

Centralized resource pool

Manage all your organizational resources in one tool. Plan capacity using any resource type, including:

Spot & fix resourcing conflicts

Forecast incoming projects more accurately and get demand planning right. Optimize resource capacity and pinpoint potential conflicts that might cause delays.

Fast resource allocation

Keep up with last minute changes and client demands. Drag and drop scheduling and rescheduling helps update plans at lightning speed.

Skills management & more

Data fields help organize resources and pinpoint the best one for the job. Search, filter, group, and book according to custom tags.  

Use data fields to keep track of resources’:

  • Location
  • Department
  • Certifications
  • Skill sets
  • Your own parameters

More output, less burnout

Control underutilization, as well as the risk of burnout. Keep track of utilization for individual resources. Or monitor it across branches, departments, or projects with custom resource groupings. Optimize utilization for stronger output!

Flexible task scheduling

Break free from the constraints of traditional capacity planning tools. By enabling concurrent task scheduling, and adjusting the tasks’ utilization, team members can juggle various responsibilities simultaneously. Allowing employees to manage their own time, without worrying if anyone burns out.

Hear it from our clients.

“We want to see the long-term availability of our employees and the revenue stream of our different projects.

We use Ganttic to predict the amount of work we have in the pipeline. We are doing high-level resource planning and making predictions of resource availability at least three months in advance

We really like that it’s possible to sort resources by utilization. That way we can see which team members have too many tasks and which team members are under-utilized.”

Edmond Höppener, Project Manager
Ab Ovo

A planning meeting done with Ganttic

Join 100,000 users from construction, engineering, creative & design, architecture, consultancies, & IT.

The right resource capacity planning features

Availability Tracking

Filter & sort by availability. Optimize workload and utilization for less wastage and burnout.


More accurately estimate resource workloads to ensure future capacity for unconfirmed projects.


Control workflow with task dependencies. Add in lead and lag times to ensure timely completion.

Holidays & Time Off

Clear visuals for vacations, public holidays, and PTO. Spot potential issues ahead of time.

Individual Work Hours

Set unique working hours for each resource. Task duration will calculate accordingly.

Utilization Reporting

Create shareable capacity planning reports. Automated reports go straight to recipients’ inboxes.

See all of Ganttic’s features

The graphics are very high quality and the features are really helpful to visualize capacity, especially the reports and charts. They create easy visuals for me to report out at a high level, but they also can be as detailed as necessary

Capterra review, Pharmaceuticals

Plan. Share. Collaborate.

For the past 13 years, in more than 120 countries, Ganttic has empowered teams to plan their workforce and project capacity more efficiently.



DIFFERENT industries

Manufacturing, engineering, green energy & consultancies.



Less Data entry

Reduce planning time & communication noise



Resources planned

More efficient resource schedules created daily.



Projects planned

Audits, events, client bookings & beyond.

Build a unified workflow

Ganttic integrates with all your favorite work tools. Sync with Google or Outlook Calendar. Connect to thousands of apps via Zapier. Create custom integrations with Ganttic API and develop a more efficient workflow.

Alerts for your teams

Update plans without worrying whether your team will notice the changes.

  • Configure notifications for individual resources or based on projects.
  • Connect and sync with Outlook or Google Calendars.
  • Ganttic’s mobile app connects people out in the field.

Alternative to spreadsheets

Capacity planning in Excel leaves you vulnerable to easily avoidable mistakes. Save time and import spreadsheets directly into Ganttic. It’s just as flexible, with built-in resource planning features at the ready.

Unlimited users and collaboration

Bring an unlimited number of users in on the planning. Multiple project managers can work together simultaneously. While the team, clients, and stakeholders can keep up on all the changes with customizable user rights.

The tool is essential to scheduling of audit projects, so we can see where we have unused or underutilized capacity, or where we have overused capacity. It allows us to plan out our annual schedule.

Christine C., Audit Manager

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What are the benefits of resource capacity planning software?


Meet project needs with the resources already on hand. Resource utilization graphs eliminate double-bookings.


Share live schedules effortlessly. Keeping your team on the same page and enhancing communication.


Instant updates and a real-time overview prevent resource stealing across projects and departments.

Read what our clients accomplished

Case Study

“Planning is easily accessible and everyone can have quick glimpses of what’s to come.”


Diogo Romão

Managing Partner

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Case Study

“Thanks to Ganttic we are always able to see the big picture – who is doing what and when it’s happening. And all this with one glance.”


Pako Barreras

Managing Director

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Case Study

“Ganttic is clever straight away, easy to use and flexible – you can use it how you want, which makes it perfect for many creative teams and consultancies”.

Alison Perkins

Associate director and Head of studio

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Case Study

“After I started using Ganttic, for the first time ever, I was able to send our client a roadmap of their possible projects for the year.”

Joe Jenkins

Digital Resourcer

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Case Study

“We are taking on a lot more projects and hired more carpenters. Ganttic is a great scheduling tool for our current and future projects.“

Carl Christianson

Owner & Superintendent

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Case Study

“Different people from all over the company can look from different angles and get the most up to date information about their job.”

Helge Biernath

Co-founder and CEO

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