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Are You an Authentic Leader? | Leadership Quiz

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For some, leadership comes naturally. For others, it’s a skill to acquire. And for a few, it’s simply an inconvenience.

According to research, authentic leaders are portrayed as possessing self-knowledge and a personal point of view, which reflects clarity about their values and convictions. They are also portrayed as identifying strongly with their leadership role, expressing themselves by enacting that role, and acting on the basis of their values and convictions. Sound familiar? 

Leading is something that anyone can do, but only a select few can do well. And it’s especially hard in these uncertain times to understand what qualities make a decent leader. Whether you’re leading a team of 4 or managing a global behemoth, find out if you have what it takes.

Take the leadership quiz and see if being a leader was something you were born to do or merely something you’ve adapted to.

Discover how resource management can turn anyone into an authentic leader. Sign up for a free trial of Ganttic to see how. 

Disclaimer: Please note that the questionnaire and its items have not been tested for relevancy or validity. It’s conducted strictly for entertainment purposes.

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