Ganttic's Team of Five to Accompany NASA on a Mission to Mars

As of this July, Ganttic will be the main planning tool for NASA's mission to Mars.


So far, NASA has only sent rovers to probe the Red Planet, but as of this year's July, NASA will finally send an international team to that distant planet, using the latest in technology, which includes Ganttic - the team and task management software.

"That is correct," the representative of NASA confirms. "Indeed we have been looking for a software solution to schedule our launch and plan the entire mission, but had yet to find a suitable solution. Luckily, we stumbled upon Ganttic", he says.
Ganttic has been around since 2010 and yet, for some reason, NASA's specialists had so far been able to missed it, he explains. "It's beyond me", NASA's representative is baffled. "We have a team here, who's main task is to find us the best solutions there is, but as you can see, the task has turned out to be more difficult, than anticipated. Thank the stars we found it, otherwise we would have gone with a calendar."

No laughing matter

The main reason for Ganttic's use is the fact, that the software is simple to use, very durable and yet, highly customizable. Plus the team behind the software is small, which means we don't have to compromise - we can send all of them to Mars.

That's right! After careful consideration, NASA has decided to send the entire Ganttic's team (programmers and customer support) on the mission with the astronauts. "Should anything go wrong on the way there, on the planet or back, we could not help as there's no Internet in space. It's all up to the Ganttic's support team and their programmers. A human redundancy to our systems, if you will."

When Ganttic's team was asked how they felt about the trip, they only replied that "as long as we can do our part to help plan the trip, they're all for it."
However, our sources tell us that if the mission is successful, Ganttic will also be used on the Mars' overall colonization process, so fingers crossed.