Ganttic: The Multi-Project Resource Scheduling Tool

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Who are our customers, what do they do, for whom is Ganttic intended? Let me shed some light on it!

A Brief History

Like every important story, let's start with the brief history of us. Our team goes back more than 10 years. Most of us, anyway...

In 2002 we started developing software solutions for the woodworking industry and in the beginning of 2004, the desktop software Woodware Systems came to be. 

Originally, Woodware was to be named ‘Woodstock’ (as a big portion of our clientele dealt with stocking wood products), but as the word associated with the 1960s music festival, rather than a tool for scheduling wood-related processes, we decided to go with WoodWare.

photo of wood stocking program Woodware

Woodware Systems' success only fueled our enthusiasm, so we began working on another project. However, this time, we decided not to focus solely on the woodworking industry, but provide a simple and affordable scheduling tool for anyone with the need to manage resources. As a result in 2008, Yutiti was born.

photo of Yutiti

As Yutiti was greeted with open arms and our clients' feedback was positive, we decided to take yet another step, so in July 2010 we launched Ganttic - the simplified web-based resource allocation software.

photo of first Ganttic

Who is Ganttic meant for?

Anybody, to be honest! As Ganttic is, in essence, a universal scheduling and planning tool, you can use it to schedule anything or anybody: rooms, equipment, people... you name it! For example, we even have an alligator farm as one of our customers, so Ganttic suits perfectly for managing alligator-related things too.

On a more professional note, our customers themselves define Ganttic as a tool which mainly helps them plan people-related things - just take a look at the graph below based on one of our recent polls. There's no arguing about it - managing people is the main thing.

photo of different resources scheduled

Granted, one could argue on how we presented the question or how the responders understood it. Expectedly, equipment comes second, as Ganttic offers a variety of ways you could 'connect' a person to a piece of equipment and schedule them with the ease of just a few clicks.

A huge number of our customers focus on some form of training. Be it a regular in-house event or a global training schedule of some sort, the software is up to the task. Booking rooms or people for this kind of events is also quite comfortable. And then there's an additional number of very different organizations from creative agencies to private wineries, from manufacturing to IT - we have them all as our beloved customers.

photo of different organizations using Ganttic

What the future holds

We strive to keep our existing customers happy and new customers positively surprised i.e. if a person finds us, understands what we have to offer and finds Ganttic useful enough to start using it, that is just great!

And striving doesn't mean just a positive attitude and a colorful social life (on the social media), but developments as well. If you've been keeping an eye on us, you probably know we've been working on a new version, now being named as Ganttic 5.0 - that's how big it's going to be.

photo of Ganttic update

By the end of the day, you can call it HR, people management, project portfolio management, booking, etc. We'll keep on calling it Multi-Project Resource Scheduling Tool, because that's what Ganttic is: a tool, that helps you manage a number of projects, focusing on your resources. And it doesn't really matter - as long as we've been along to help you increase your efficiency, we'll know we're on the right track and keep on going.