Your Ganttic Free Trial Checklist

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We’ve made a simple checklist for you to work your way through the 14 days of your free trial.
Welcome onboard! Ganttic is the trusted resource planner for many industry leaders. We’re guessing that you are tech-savvy, but it’s possible to feel a little overwhelmed using Ganttic for the first time. To be on the safe side, while we have plenty of articles available at our helpdesk, we’ve made a simple checklist for you to work your way through the 14 days of your free trial.

Print out this checklist and start ticking completed tasks off the list.

ganttic trial checklist

1. You will receive six e-mails over the course of six days upon signing up. These e-mails were designed to help you understand the inner workings of Ganttic faster and easily. Ultimately, we will walk you through the various basic and advanced features of Ganttic for reducing redundancy and improving efficiency. By dividing these information into bite-sized e-mails, you will learn the ropes of Ganttic in no time.

Start with the basics
2. List resources - From your plans, narrow down the list of resources for all your projects. Resources include people, equipments, vehicles, locations and anything else you use repeatedly for your tasks in your projects.
3. Schedule tasks - Click-drag-release on the chart area to create tasks for your resources. Build your resource plan gradually with one task at a time, or speed things up by assigning one task to multiple resources with this feature.
4. Create projects - Add projects to your planner and allocate the scheduled tasks to these projects. You will be able to view your tasks and resources according to the projects they are involved in. This will save you heaps of time and effort in basic resource management.

Now that you have got the basics out of the way, you’re ready to customize your planner to your specific needs!

Customize your planner
5. Apply custom data fields - Plan with flexibility by grouping your tasks with predefined values. This feature gives you the ability to add specific data to each task, resource and project. Useful for in-depth categorising and detailed reports.
6. Set business days & hours - Remove visual clutter by hiding non-business hours and greying out non-business days. Plan without worrying about accidentally making plans during holidays or meal-times.
7. Add and invite users - Working with a team on a planner requires multiple access for various purposes. Not only can you invite users and assigning different permissions for them to add, edit or see tasks, you can also adjust the visibility for selected resources.

Export plans & schedules
8. Customise reports - One of the best features of Ganttic is its customizable report feature. Whereby you can set the time period and select data labels to include in your reports for different uses. Cater different reports for your clients, team and more with dragging the data labels accordingly for exporting.

We hope that this checklist gives you a better resource planning experience with us at Ganttic during your first 2 weeks. For more advice and guidance, please visit our helpdesk. This guide is solely meant to be a reference. For any suggestions on how we can improve this checklist, kindly comment below!

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Author: Patricia Goh