A Good Word About Your Organization

Categories: Software Reviews
Ganttic has several awesome clients who operate in aviation, engineering, software development, architecture and even crocodile farming.
To show to the rest of the world as well how cool our customers really are, we got in touch via email asking them to put down a few words about themselves. We explained who we were (since an organization may be using several apps simultaneously), what we were planning and what we would like in regards to this. We asked them to write a small piece about themselves: '300/30', as we called it. 
The idea was to write more or less 300 words about their organization, what you do best, maybe even add some funny incidents etc., and (if possible) a few words on how they use Ganttic. Not as testimonials per se, but as a sort of tutorial, so then our readers could, perhaps, take note of something as well and implement it in their work processes. 

Truth be told, when we came up with this idea, we weren't quite sure how our audience would react. Based on my own experience, it's rather annoying to reply to emails during working hours, that have nothing to do with you reaching your organizational goals. Regardless, as our message was on the positive side, we decided to take the risk and give it a try. And we succeeded!

We got several replies saying they would be more then thrilled to 'help' us with our problem, so here it is: for the duration of the next months, every now and then, we'll post an article written by our customers right here, in our blog, so keep yourselves posted either by checking this blog every now and then or just clicking on one of the social media buttons.

Good luck!