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Ganttic Update: Manage Your Multi-Resource Planning and Tasks Better

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Based on our users feedback, we’ve improved Ganttic to be your best planning software tool! This time we added a “Task Resource list” to make multi-resource tasks easier to handle.

Multi Resource Tasks in Ganttic

We’ve recently made a change in our Task Dialog window which allows for more intuitive planning, as well as adding a new Task Split Feature.

And we have more good news! We added one more functionality to help you manage your Multi-Resource Planning and Tasks more conveniently.

What does this mean? From now on, you can see straight from the Task Dialog window if the task has multiple resources assigned to it . You can also see how many resources it has. This allows you to go into more detail, see the resources connected with the task, and manage the list from the same place.

Multi resource scheduling is still a challenge for many companies by creating a mess of mistakes and miscommunication. And as a feedback from our users, we wanted to make multi resource tasks more intuitive in Ganttic.

How did we do it?

Assigning Multiple Resource To One Task AKA Creating a Multi Resource Task

We hope you already use Ganttic’s feature to assign multiple resources to one task. This makes your planning faster and helps to avoid double bookings and possible miscommunication.

You can just assign the same task to multiple people or other resources by:

  • creating the task
  • clicking on the checkmarks next to the involved resource names;
  • saving the task. You can see the same task with the same details appearing simultaneously to all selected resources.

If you aren’t using the Multi Resource Task, why not give a try! You’ll be glad you did!

Let’s imagine you are planning a meeting for 4 people in the same meeting room. Just create the task “meeting”. By clicking the checkboxes, assign “meeting” for all the people attending it and the name of the room. There’s no need to create several tasks for each of them or assign them one by one.

TIP:  By changing a task that has multiple resources included, the task changes will apply to all of the resources involved. Just one click and all the resources are replanned and up at the same time .

Here are some widely-used example scenarios where you might use the Multi Resource Task:

  • Planning a meeting for 4 people in a meeting room

  • Scheduling a driver and his yellow minivan

  • Booking studio time for your band

  • Assigning 2 auditors to go to the same company to conduct the audit;

  • Managing a designer, copywriter and UX-leader who will work on the same project for the next 2 weeks.

  • Anything else that may relate to you and your business’s needs

All this cases have multiple people or other resources (like machines or rooms) busy at the same time. By using Multi Resource task, you just need one task to manage them all.

New Feature – Task Resource List To Manage Your Multi Resource Tasks

With our new update, you can now find a little “drop” icon in the Task Dialog Window that stands for Task Resources. In case you have assigned one task to multiple resources, you will see the little green number inside the icon. This will show you the number of resources assigned.

Ganttic new "Task Resources" feature to manage Multi Resources Task

You can see 3 resources assigned to this task. By clicking on the button, you can see the resouce names as well delete them from the assignment.

By clicking on the “drop” button, you can see the resource list that is used for the current task. You are also able to remove any of assigned resources with just one click.

Task resources list for multi-resource task

See all the listed 3 resources in “Task resources”. You can just view and delete them here. 

3 Reasons How the Multiple Resources Task Helps You In Planning

It’s pretty likely that more than one resource will be needed to complete a task. Drivers and cars, teams and meeting rooms, customer support and clients, guitarist and studios…

Multiple Resource planning helps you:

  1. To understand the group of resources (and people) that are engaged with with a specific task – just click on task and the “Task resources” button. It couldn’t be simpler
  2. Make changes in multi-resource tasks more conveniently – changes always happen. The Multi resource task helps you to manage all the people and resources connected with one task. Change the task or its timing, or add people or other resources to the task and vice versa.
  3. Save time and your nerves in planning – most importantly, multiple resources task planning can save you tons of time when you’re creating tasks and rescheduling them . Not to mention your nerves and stress levels which may fluctuate every time a change happens. Which of course WILL happen, However, by adding and removing people and resources in real time, planning (and your life) just got a little easier.

In case you have any questions regarding multiple task scheduling (or anything else ), let our support know. 

To get more effective planning tips with Ganttic, we listed a few in our previous article about task splitting update.  

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