Ganttic's Awesome Customers: Transmin

Categories: Software Reviews
If you've been following our blog, about once a month we post here articles from and about our awesome customers. Here's a new one of them!

Transmin is a designer, manufacturer and service provider of mechanical equipment (primarily materials handling) in Perth, Western Australia. Servicing mining, minerals processing and other industries throughout Australia and overseas, Transmin has enjoyed sustainable growth in recent years.

Growth means more jobs and more people, and consequently, an increased need to effectively schedule a limited pool of resources, including equipment and most importantly people. In the past, personnel may have been double booked for jobs, causing issues, especially on jobs with short lead times or complex execution.

We needed a simple tool and easy to implement tool to ensure that we could schedule our resources, avoiding conflicts and logistics issues. But we did not want to invest in expensive software. Ganttic is the perfect scheduling and planning tool for us – it’s easy to use, required no investment and most importantly is visual. Conflicting resources are a thing of the past.

Ganttic provides benefits over more traditional tools such as MS Excel – it is simpler to use, and even the least computer savvy people can use it relatively easy.