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Margo Saaremets

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Ganttic Update: Resources’ Calendar View & Agenda

16 August 2022

Ganttic is happy to introduce our latest update: the Calendar View. This feature provides a different overview of Tasks and Resources – laid out in a way that’s familiar to…...

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Effective Project Management Without Micromanaging

19 July 2022

As a project manager, you naturally want your team, and the projects you’re all working on, to become successful. To do that, you need to ensure that everything—from the budget…

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How To Write A Request For Proposal? 10 Things To Include For Software Development

1 July 2022

Almost every company needs some type of software development today. Good software can make a huge difference in how quickly and efficiently your business functions. Whether it’s for internal processes…

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Comparing 5 Project Management Methodologies for Agile Projects

3 June 2022

Have you ever been a part of an agile project? If so, you know that the methodology can be extremely successful in keeping projects on track. If you haven’t had…

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