Truck Fleet and Mileage Tracking - No Problem!

Categories: Resource Planning
Are you a person who’s responsible for keeping an eye on work processes? Making sure deliveries are met on time, nothing is double booked and the organization runs like a clockwork? If so, here’s something for you.

Ganttic has actually been around for many years. The team has a combined know-how in resource management about 20 years or so - our team started operating in 2002 to be precise, so in light of that we could say we do have some know-how. You can read more about it in the ‘About us’ section. As Ganttic was originally made for the woodworking industry, a big part of that was and still is logistics. Granted, some of the companies that used Ganttic outsourced the transportation service. Others, at the same time, had their own fleets to manage.

From woodworking to general resource management

Woodworking, like logistics, is a precise business. As international transportation is usually dependent on shipping, scheduling is vital. You wouldn’t want to miss a ferry, would you? That in mind, it’s important to plan ahead and make sure that a plan is followed to the letter, otherwise you could might as well create a schedule on your napkin in your pocket.
Now can you imagine, that besides scheduling your entire fleet of trucks, you could also add details about their drivers, deliveries, technical aspects etc? We can! Truth be told, we cannot imagine this happening any other way.

Years ago, when doing presentations to our potential customers, it often turned out, that they were interested in adding all kinds of additional information. Let’s say you need to schedule a shipment to a specific client, you need to add the clients contacts and/or other details about the shipment. It was a valid point, so we started working on a solution, that would enable them to do this, but soon we ran into a problem: what kind of data will be submitted? The thing was, that by that time we had long left ‘monopoly’ of woodworking and had gained clients from different fields of occupation: aviation, engineering, IT. Even a crocodile farm and they all had the need for assigning additional data to the tasks. Details, that would make an assignment differ from the others.Thus, adding fields was born.

Back to the topic

The reason I’m telling this is to enlighten you a bit in terms of what challenges we have faced and what is the logic behind Ganttic and the philosophy behind the logic.
In terms of managing the entire truck fleet, the additional fields feature gave a unique way for guys managing the fleet to keep themselves up to date and on top of things. The lengths of the drives in kilometres, miles or hours was no longer a problem. Fuel consumption, contacts at the destination and truck specifics were now all accessible. But the best part of it was that all the data could asl be retrieved from the system, so one could generate reports or analysis, thus making their organization work more efficiently. Because that’s what resource management is: more efficient way of doing things.