Baker Tilly International is one of the world's leading networks of independently owned and managed accountancy and business advisory firms united by a commitment to provide exceptional client service. Every day, 27,000 people in 137 countries share experiences and expertise to help privately held businesses and public interest entities meet challenges and proactively respond to opportunities.  

Experts across a wide range of industry and business sectors, each Baker Tilly International member firm combines high-quality services and in-depth local knowledge. Their people are more than just accountants. They make it their business to know and understand their clients' long-term ambitions, anticipating and responding to challenges as their clients pursue opportunities. Sharing knowledge and resources, their business approach brings together the power of the global network to deliver exceptional results to clients globally.


Baker Tilly International’s headquarters team comprises 20 people based in Europe, Asia  
Pacific, Latin America and the USA. Each location uses a separate IT system; many of the team travel extensively. Since their team is all around the world, they needed a scheduling and tracking platform that would be accessible to everyone on the go. Before Ganttic, they didn't have that special something that would keep everyone in the loop. 


This is where Ganttic was brought into play. Our planner gave Baker Tilly's team the possibility to know the whereabouts and availability of each other. They said that even when problems came up, their queries were solved within a day, and since Ganttic's customer service is so friendly, they felt like we are always going out of our way to provide top notch service. They said that Ganttic was easy to use from the beginning and offer's a great range of features.


In addition to the fact that their team now know about everyone's whereabouts, they said that Ganttic helps them to prevent any meeting conflicts and allows departments within the organization to collaborate on certain projects and tasks and track and analyze them together.