Plan, Schedule & Manage
any KIND OF resources

people, equipment, vehicles, facilities, etc...

"The biggest thing is that Ganttic helps us easily see who is doing
what, where, and when, in real time, from anywhere."

John Stanton, RPS Group Plc


Configurable resource properties

Add resource type, location, skills or any other information to your resources and use for resource grouping and filtering.

Advanced filtering

Search and filter resources, projects and tasks by any  information. Filter by several criteria. Filtering is available for both - chart and reports.

Resource capacity planning

Plan and monitor capacity utilization of your resources for any time period. Set the actual working time for concurrent tasks.

Conditional task coloring

Choose a color scheme for task bars. Use task colors, project colors or colors set for task/project parameter values to color code task bars.

Multi-resource tasks

Use multiple resources for a single task. People, equipment, facilities, vehicles or any other type of resource can be used simultaneously for any task.

Google Calendar Sync

Sync tasks assigned to a resource with Google Calendar. Each resource can be synchronized to a different calendar.

"We just literally emailed out the usernames and passwords.
People just started using it."

Allison Stroebele, Pure Technologies Ltd


"In terms of revenue in the professional services, we’re doing millions of dollars and Ganttic is certainly part of that success."

Ken Gerts, Viewpoint Construction Software

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