Resource Management

Multi-Project Planning

Ganttic is an intuitive real-time planner
for scheduling and managing
teams and resources.

Your plans in good hands

  • Keep your plans always secure and synced
  • Exercise full control over your data and team
  • Work on the same plan from multiple locations

Tag your resources for instant filtering, grouping and regrouping using custom data fields, monitor each resource’s availability and total capacity utilization

Learn about resources, tasks and projects

No stress when plans change

  • Reschedule with drag and drop
  • Retain flexibility across projects
  • Track availability at one glance

Drag-and-drop for instant task management, assign tasks to multiple resources, give details to tasks by adding custom data fields, use custom data fields for filtering and conditional coloring

Learn about flexible task management

Suitable for all users

  • 10 minute setup
  • Powerful enough for advanced users
  • Low team-implementation time

Synchronize resources with Google Calendar for convenient access to plans, hide or show resources for users and give permissions to add or update their tasks

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Free basic plan forever

  • Enjoy your free account with unlimited users
  • Pro plans available for bigger teams
  • Dedicated support team and channels

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Master resource planning

Move up the ladder quickly by following our recommended path to learning the ropes of Ganttic. Within the hour, you'd have been introduced the advanced features. With some practice, you'd be ready to use Ganttic for all your resource planning needs.

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