Swiss army knife for resource planning

schedule your staff, equipment, vehicles etc
+ Add specific information you need for planning
+ Assign multiple resources to any task
+ Instantly get customized reports based on your data 
+ Collaborate with team members and partners in real time
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Big Picture

Get the big picture

Zoom in or out to see the big picture or details. Use multiple color schemes for Gantt chart coloring.
Adjust Performance

Tune performance

Track short-term and long-term workload with the utilization feature. Speed up communication.

Sync with Google Calendar

Sync any resource in Ganttic with Google Calendar and update 
tasks in both directions.

Collect the right data

Set up task and project details and conditional coloring. Use collected data to generate custom reports.

Manage complex tasks

Use multiple resources for any assignment. Set the utilization percentage for concurrent tasks.
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resource planning firms

Engineering companies

As soon as we started using Ganttic, our tool support people said, ‘This is awesome, we can track every single piece of equipment’.

Consulting firms

The biggest thing is that Ganttic helps us understand who is doing what and on what job. It’s important that it’s web based and accessible and updated in realtime.

Professional services

I’ll just say, in terms of revenue in the professional services, we’re doing millions of dollars and Ganttic is part of that success.
Allison Stroebele, Pure Technologies
John Stanton, RPS Group
Ken Gerts, Viewpoint Construction Software