Simple click-drag-release task management

Instead of spending time merging and unmerging spreadsheets’ cells, use Ganttic's drag-and-drop function for a quick and easy way of rescheduling and rearranging tasks.

Assign task to one or more resources

Just one click to add another resource to the task

Concurrent tasks and utilization

Who's overloaded and who needs more work?

Navigate in timeline

Next month, week or day is just a click away

Create custom data fields

Add specific data to your tasks, projects and resources
Use this data for grouping and filtering your plan

Create color schemes

Your own color schemes help to get the big picture instantly

Change resource grouping

Group your resources by project, locations, department etc

Apply filters

Advanced filtering helps to focus on specific projects, groups or more

Create custom views

All filters, groupings and time ranges can be saved as a view
So it is easy to come back to same set of settings later on

Create reports

Instantly create custom reports from your data

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