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NEW OPTION - change the user interface theme

We have implemented a new theme (white) which will be applied to all of our freshly registered users. The blue one will still be available and you can change it back yourself. Our old customers will still have the blue theme as default.

Task basics - click-drag-release

Instead of spending time merging and unmerging spreadsheets’ cells, simply click-drag-release for a quick and easy way to schedule, reschedule and arrange tasks. Easily adapt to unforeseen circumstances without any hassle.
The video below demonstrates how to create a task, move it to another resource and resize it.

ASSIGN tasks TO MULTIPLE resources

Manually creating the same tasks for other resources? Replace it this versatile feature. With just a click, you can duplicate a task and apply its settings to various other resources as needed.
The video below demonstrates how to assign a task to multiple resources.

RESOURCE CAPACITY utilization and Concurrent tasks

Find out who’s overloaded and who needs more work. With our concurrent task feature, you can stack overlapping tasks and instantly view the hours of which a resource is utilised. Use this feature to balance job delegation among resources.
The video below demonstrates how to set concurrent tasks, adjust busy time and used time within work time.

Timeline calendar

The calendar feature is embedded in the planner for your convenience. With just a click, zoom in or out of a year, month, week or day. For utmost precision, plan your tasks down to the quarter of an hour.
The video below demonstrates how to zoom in on a month, move across weeks and select a time period from the calendar.

Custom data fields

Add specific data to your tasks, projects and resources such as status, location, skill-set, mileage and more. Use this data to group and filter your plan for maximum configuration.
The video below demonstrates how to add a custom data field to a resource, using location as an example.

Color schemes

Coloring is a staple tool for instant visual enhancement. Use universal color codes for your tasks and projects to determine importance, status or differentiation. Choose from 40 distinct colors.
The video below demonstrates how to assign colors to data fields, using red for ‘Problem’, grey for ‘Finished’ and green for ‘Planned’.

Resource grouping

Group resources by projects, locations, departments or any parameter values. A quick, simple and direct way to speed up your planning process.
The video below demonstrates how to change your resource grouping repeatedly.


Advanced filtering helps you focus on specific projects, groups or more. Filter tasks, projects and resources by title or any other custom data fields. Filtering is available in charts and reports.
The video below demonstrates how to filter using the filter search box.

Custom views

All filters, grouping and time range can be saved as a view, a convenient feature that allows you to return to a customised environment when the need arises.
The video below demonstrates how to create and save a custom view using grouping, time period, task colors and filters.


Create unlimited custom reports instantly from the data of your choice. Export your schedules and plans to .csv files or simply print directly from the planner.
The video below demonstrates how to include data labels into the grouping and detail levels.

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