A New Version of Ganttic? Yes!

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The new version is going to blow you away, but don't take my word for it. In this article I'll let you in on some details: what have we been doing, how Ganttic's going to look like and when will it go live.


For the better part of last year, we’ve actually been preparing for the change: collecting data, as well as plain feedback and asking our customers to sign up for testing of the beta version, at the same time coding the basics of the new version. I’m glad to say, the feedback has been constructive and positive!

Based on this, we’ve put our heads together and moulded the concept of the new version: what it’s going to look like, how it’s going to interact with its users etc. Keeping an open mind, we’ve gone beyond what we first expected, but that’s because we managed to get an opinion from the outside. You know how it is - if you stare at a problem long enough, it’ll disappear. And in terms of user experience development, that is bad!

The fundamental change we have done is programmed the new version in a totally different language: HTML5. The beauty of that language is that HTML5 runs (works) on almost any digital device because of the language’s simplicity, yet offering a vast number of possibilities - possibilities, we intend to implement as much as possible.
So if you are an iDevice (iPhone or iPad) user, you probably haven’t had the pleasure of using Ganttic thus far because of the language Ganttic’s written in now (Adobe Flash), but as the new version is bound to change that, you should accessing Ganttic in no time.
For the record: it’s a decision made by Apple on the executive level, so needless to say, we didn’t have much say in this.


To be modest, the new version is going to look awesome! To accomplish this we’ve been working with one of the best company in the business, specialized namely in user experience (or UX, as the professionals like to call it), so we could be sure the outcome is exactly right.

We’ve also added some nifty features, with several on the way and this all thanks to people, who have been and are kind enough to constantly give us feedback as to what they like about Ganttic, what they would like working better and what kind of new features they would like to see, so in a matter of speaking, they are the one’s who actually deserve the credit.

Many of our clients have notified us that Ganttic has been cumbersome to use. To address this, we’ve contacted many them to get even more insight as to what they’re expectations are.

The positive thing is, they’re expectations are often quite similar. It’s almost like there is a certain way of doing things, a market standard, if you will that, in a way, acts like a guideline as to what should be done and that’s something we really appreciate.


‘Okay, so when is it due?’
In short, the time frame is as follows: by the end of March we aim to release the beta version of Ganttic for internal testing. After that is complete, we’d like everyone and anyone interested to give a go at it - as we are interested in a flawless and user-friendly use of the tool, all bugs have to be fixed. After that, it’s smooth sailing all the way.
We have been taking our time and for those of you who have been waiting anxiously, we say two things: thank you for your patience! You won’t be disappointed!

By Indrek Kuldkepp