Does Everyone have Access to Your Project Planning Tools?

Categories: Management Tips
When everyone can see exactly what's going on in any project, everyone feels like they're an important part of the project management process. And in the end, it makes for a more productive project and a more pleasant place to work! Quick question:
Does everyone have access to your project planning tools?

If not, that's a big problem!

In today's world, we pride ourselves on never being out of touch.  That's why we send text messages while we're sitting at red lights, why we never feel comfortable unless there's an open wi-fi network nearby, and why we can't even hop in a cab without checking our email on our smartphones.

So, if you can't even bear to be away from your Facebook page for a few hours, why are you cutting off your employees' access to your project planning software?!

OK, so maybe it's not an intentional slight.  Maybe you figure that the only people who need the software are the people who are actually in charge of the project.  Maybe you figure it's a waste of everyone else's time to look at the plan.  After all, if they know what their individual responsibilities are, that's good enough, right?


Remember, each of your projects is a team effort.  You couldn't come up with a great finished product without the work of your employees.  So, it's not fair to make scheduling and organization anything less than a team effort!

That's why you need project planning software that's open to everyone. 

For example, the software we have here at Ganttic can be accessed and modified by anyone on your network.  With a click here and a drag there, your project can become a total team effort.

When everyone can see exactly what's going on, everyone will get to feel like they're an important part of the process.  In the end, it will make for a more productive, more pleasant place to work!