Ganttic Update: “NEW” plus “+” equals “+”?

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How many times have you heard someone say that they just aren’t math people or that numbers aren’t their thing? Well, it turns out in most cases that’s not true. It might be true in a way that they never really learned math and trained their math skills but not in the way that they are lacking the genetical ability to do math. There are of course the people that have dyscalculia - the disability to learn math. But the prevalence of dyscalculia is fairly low - only 3-7% of the population reportedly have it. Why are we talking about being bad at math? Because we think we really want you to know that we are special. We are special in a way that we really are bad at math. 

ganttic update equation

Since we thought we need to do a bit more rearrangements in our resource planner. Our eyes got locked on the top row of the planner. More specifically, on the “NEW” and “+” buttons.  

planner old tabs

And we felt like doing a bit of math. Is it going to be Ganttic minus “New” equals “x”? Is it going to be Ganttic minus “+” equals “x”? Nah, subtracting feels like a waste, doesn’t it? So “NEW” plus “+” equals “+”? Yes! That’s the stuff. And yes! We really are bad at math. But oh, are we good to you guys.

Behind the faulty equation is really a bunch of new features that are going to make navigating through your projects, views, and reports much easier than it used to be. To be clear, from now on, you can add new views, projects, and reports from the new “+” button. All the new stuff is hidden in the “Open” section.

planner plus dialog open

So what’s the new stuff you might ask? In the “Views” tab, you can sort your views by clicking on “Grouped by”, “Colored by”, “Filters” or “Period”. You can also delete and open multiple views at the time by checking them and clicking on the desired icon.

planner views tab

In the “Projects” tab, you can sort your projects by their end and start date, and milestones. Like the “Views” tab, you can delete and open multiple projects and once, and as a bonus, you can archive them, too.

Project Portfolio Management with projects tab

In the “Reports” tab, you can open and delete multiple reports with just a few clicks, too.

planner reports tab

So yeah, our equations might be questionable but we don’t joke around with our new features. Those are always helpful, aren’t they?