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Single Sign-On (SSO) for Better Project Management

Single sign-on (SSO) is a common feature with apps and programs these days. It helps keep your accounts organized and makes it fast and easy to sign in to multiple accounts. And with all that, it’s clear to see why single sign-on would help to improve project management process.

Ganttic is happy to announce that in the upcoming weeks and months, we will be adding more options for this feature and will be integrating them with our planner. In anticipation of that, we thought we’d go over some common questions connected to SSO – what exactly it is and how it works. As well as some of the benefits you’ll start to notice once you incorporate it within your workflow.

What is Single Sign-On (SSO)?

An SSO allows users to login with a single set of credentials with which they can access multiple applications or websites. By entering your credentials and authenticating with an SSO solution, It eliminates the need to re-enter your password or sign in to individual applications or websites.

An everyday example of SSO is Google’s suite of applications, which allows you to access Gmail, GoogleDrive and GooglePhotos with one account and password. You may also notice SSOs when you sign in to different websites or programs with other accounts, such as your Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter.

How Does SSO Work?

Ordinarily, if you aren’t using an SSO and visit a new website or use an app, it will prompt you for your credentials, forcing you to log in with your username and password. Every time you visit a new website or app, this must be completed.

When you use an SSO solution, whenever you visit a new website or use an app, the domain or program will check if you are authenticated by the SSO. If you aren’t, then it sends you to the SSO solution. There you log in with one set of credentials and the SSO verifies with the app that you are who you say you are. After logging in, this verification follows you throughout your online session, so there’s no need to reenter the password again.

Does Ganttic Have SSO Options?


For those interested in a project and resource management tool that’s easy to sign into and secure at the same time, you’ll be happy to know that Ganttic is equipped with the top SSO options.

We are also currently working to implement other SSO platforms, for example, Okta. We’ll of course keep you updated when these changes occur.

How Can SSO Improve Your Project Management?

There are 3 main benefits of using an SSO with your project management software. They are:

  • Saves time and prevents password frustration
  • Increases software adoption rates for users
  • Better security

Saves Time and Prevents Password Frustration

SSOs can make your workflow more efficient. With just one password you can log in to all your necessary apps and programs. That means you don’t have to waste time trying to remember your password and sign-in details.

It also means that when you inevitably forget those details, you won’t have to spend more time requesting a new password or combing through old emails for the username you chose, and going through the whole process again.

SSOs make signing in fast and efficient. This cuts out the headache associated with multiple logins and eases project management processes.

Increases Software Adoption Rates for Users

Not only can SSOs save you time when logging in, but they lead to an increased adoption rate for software. Because of the ease of SSO, users have a more positive experience when learning a new program. And they can do so without being bombarded for their password every time they need to connect another piece of software or switch between programs.

If your team is new to online planning tools, then you can ease the process more by incorporating SSO integrations in the onboarding.


On average, business employees have to remember 191 different passwords! Because this is almost impossible to do with completely different passwords, this situation can bring on what is known as password fatigue. That means at some point, they will either get fed up and start using the same password for everything or they will choose ones that are easy-to-remember, and easy to hack. These bad password habits can be a security risk for the individual and an even bigger concern for their company.

Using a trusted third-party system like an SSO is a whole lot safer than using an easily crackable password or emailing the password to yourself so you won’t forget it.

In Ganttic, SAML 2.0 can currently be utilized when logging in via OneLogin SSO or via Azure AD SSO (if enabled on Microsoft’s side).


Integrating your project resource management software with an SSO will make your planning experience better. If there’s a specific SSO solution your company uses or wants to incorporate into Ganttic’s planner, let us know. And we’ll be sure to notify all our customers when the updates are up and running. Stay tuned!

What kind of SSO solutions do you want to see for Ganttic? Contact our Support and let us know!

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