Ganttic Update | Google and Outlook Calendar Sync 2.0

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Turning your personal calendar events into Gantt charts got even better with your favorite resource planning software.

And there aren’t many things that are already good but just keep getting better. There’s the moment when you are buying ice cream and there’s already one scoop on your scone and it gets even better when the second scoop is added. There’s also the moment when… The third scoop is added. And not much other than that.

There’s the calendar integration and there's ice cream. That’s right. There’s nothing else. Our Google and Outlook Calendar integration are the ice cream of resource planning. They just keep getting better and better. You already know what’s good about ice cream and why it gets better when you add more. But what got better about the sync feature?

You can still choose the resources you want to sync your personal calendar with. You can still choose if you want the sync to be two-way or one-way. However, we did improve the sync process and added some tweaks to make it even better for you. 

sync gantt charts with google or outlook calendar update

The Way it Looks

The most obvious thing that is different is the appearance of the sync. After you have chosen the calendar of your choice from the sync options, starting from the left, the first option is the two-way sync which means that whenever an edit is made on either side, the other will be updated. You can also select one-way sync from either side.

outlook calendar integration

If you choose the first option, the two-way sync, you can choose which items you want to be synced both ways and which items you want to be synced one-way with Google Calendar. 

The Two-Way Sync

The items that can be synced both ways are event and task title and the location of the event or the task. So if you drag and drop schedule a task with a title “App development” an event with a title “App development” will appear on your personal calendar. If you change the time of the event in the personal calendar, the time of the task will also change in Ganttic. You can use text and link type custom data fields to add a location to the task, and the syncing process is the same as it is with the title.

google calendar integration

You can garnish your two-way sync with some one-way options if you are syncing with Google Calendar. You can sync the project title, custom data fields, and the notes. However, please note that if you choose to sync the task title or the project title as the event title with the one-way sync, the two-way sync of the event title will be canceled. The custom data fields and the notes will appear in Google Calendar as the event description.

If you check none of the boxes, only the time slots will be synced.

The One-Way Sync

If you choose the one-way sync, no changes will come back to the source. 

You can sync the event title as the task title and the event location as any of the link or text type of custom data fields you have set up if you choose one-way sync from Google Calendar to Ganttic. 

google calendar into gantt charts sync

You can can sync the task title and/or the project title as the event title and task custom data fields and/or notes as the event description and the location as any of the the link or text type of custom data fields you have set up if you choose one-way sync from Ganttic to Google Calendar.

gantt charts into google calendar sync

With Outlook Calendar, you can only sync the events and tasks without any additional information.

outlook calendar into gantt charts sync

You’ll work out which option is the best for your needs in no time.

To Sync or not to Sync?


Syncing Ganttic to Google Calendar or Outlook Calendar is a good way to keep everything that’s going on in check. You can have your personal plans and you work-related tasks in one place. You can have your team sync their own tasks to Ganttic to make resource planning easier for you.