Sync Gantt Charts To Outlook Calendar

Categories: Ganttic Updates, Resource Planning
Do you know the feeling when you have found the perfect resource planning software and then you find out that the bastards that develop it haven’t added the Outlook Calendar sync and you REALLY need it? They even have Google Calendar sync but it’s not the same and you need to sync your resource plans to Outlook Calendar. You ask about it, and they say that the feature is in the pipeline. You wait. They dare to release other features. What the frick, right?! Definitely not the case with Ganttic. Oooooooor wait? It’s exactly what we have been putting you guys through.

You have been sending us polite requests like, “It would be great to be able to connect to Outlook for instance.”

And more demanding requests like, “When will the connection with Outlook calendar will be up and running? We are in great need of connecting it to our calendars and have been asking for it since we signed up, but no progress. If you have synchronized with Google Calendar it can’t be such a big effort to do the same with Outlook? When we signed up to Ganttic, you told us that the connection with Outlook is definitely something you aim to do in the near future. We need it now.”

You have presented us with ultimatums like, “I want to tell you I have asked my boss to look for a system that can interact with our Outlook Calendar. We have to update the Outlook calendar with our tasks, and that is quite a big job. I’m satisfied with your quick and good help when I need it, but the lack of Outlook integration is not acceptable, at least not for me.”

And you have made it clear that it’s an important feature for you, “Linking to Outlook – this one is really key. If I could book a resource and have that link through to an actual calendar would help massively & save twice as much time. At the moment I have to create a client-friendly project plan, use it to update Ganttic & at the same time look at Outlook calendars to check who is available.”

You have asked about it, “I need to be able to export to Outlook. Currently, you can only export to Google Calendar? Do you have a solution for syncing to Outlook?”

You have even offered to pay for it, “My company would like to know if it would be possible for us to pay for Ganttic to develop an integration to Outlook. We have to explore other options because of the lack of that functionality. Any information you can give me would be appreciated.”

And you have asked about it again, “I’m coming back to you regarding the alert system. You told me last year that it was linked to Google Calendar but that Outlook is on our to-do list. Maybe it’s done now?”

And we did want you guys to be able to sync your plans to Outlook Calendar. We just wanted you to be able to import resources, projects, tasks, and custom data fields before. And choose which days are displayed in the Gantt chart area. And plan breaks. And have more detailed plans. And make utilization planning easier. And make everything else easier. And now the time has come for the Outlook Calendar sync.

You can find it in the resource dialog, and as it is with Google Calendar synchronization, you can sync each resource separately.

sync ganttic to outlook calendar from the resource dialog
Make sure that you allow Ganttic to access your Outlook Calendar:

allow ganttic to access outlook calendar to sync gantt charts to outlook

Then select the calendar you wish to see plans made in Ganttic in:

select the calendar in outlook you want to see plans made in ganttic in

Oh, Outlook synchronization. You were long-awaited. Now that you are here, we hope that you will be loved.