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Today we've got a review from  - a weblog strictly focused on Startups. And here's the article:

A new businesses can be born and prosper despite the lack of an original idea or a “Eureka!” moment.  One of the ways this is accomplished by entrepreneurs is the situation where you believe you can do better with a product or service than what is already being offered in the market.

When it comes to project management software the leader of the pack is Microsoft Project.  MP is designed to assist project managers in developing plans, assigning resources to tasks, tracking projects, managing budgets and analyzing workloads.

Microsoft Project was the company’s third Windows-based application, and within a couple of years of its introduction it became the dominant PC-based project management software.

An entrepreneur in Estonia believes his software is better for consumers than MP, and his startup aims to prove it.  Launched in July, presumably gets its name from Henry Gantt, the developer of the Gantt chart. is an online project management software package (like MP) for scheduling resources and projects. The online scheduling software provides user-friendly graphical interface and interactive Gantt charts for real time collaboration.

Rainer Kivimaa, the founder of Ganttic believes his software is different from other project management software packages, because his software is cheaper and easier to use.

His team has been developing and selling specialized software for the timber industry since 2002.  Woodware systems, its timber industry software was founded in April 2005. In early 2008 a beta version of YUTITI – a web based resource planning tool was launched. It was accepted by many companies as their only planning tool.

In July 2010 we felt they finished beta testing and launched its web-based resource planner under the name Ganttic.  You can sign up for free and up to 5 users and 10 resources are free.  Only after the 6th user and/or 11th resource do the begin charging. The rates are very reasonable. So check it out.