It has Arrived!

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It is with great joy and pride we'd like to inform you, that the new and long awaited version of Ganttic has arrived! Please welcome Ganttic 5.0!
As a matter of fact, for some time now the new version of Ganttic (Ganttic 5.0) has been accessible to our bold and adventurous customers. The reason we've been keeping it really hush-hush (and looking namely for bold and adventurous customers) lies in the fact that Ganttic 5.0 simply wasn't ready for a wider audience to see and use.
But as customer feedback from Ganttic's users was a critical aspect of the development, we took a leap of faith and contacted some of them for help. With a few refreshing exceptions, the feedback has been nothing but praise.

The Need for an entirely New Ganttic

Ganttic is made by our customers.
Not literally of course, but in terms of feedback our customers give us valuable insight and ideas on how to evolve and constantly better ourselves and Ganttic.
Every bit of information that runs through our customer support or reaches us otherwise, is analyzed and forwarded to the development team if deemed beneficial for Ganttic's development. And even though Ganttic, in it's previous form, has done a great job in serving its customers, eventually we reached a point when a more fundamental change had to be made. Hence the development of Ganttic 5.0 began.

The Features in Ganttic 5.0

In order to really understand our customers' needs we basically did a year-long survey to get inside the heads of Ganttic's customers: questionnaires, phone calls, even interviews were done to gather as much information as possible and to get a comprehensive overview. Based on that, Ganttic 5.0 was built from scratch.

Ganttic 5.0

Mobility and accessibility

One of the fundamental changes implemented in Ganttic 5.0 was its programming language: Ganttic 5.0 is programmed in HTML5, not in Flash like in the old version. 
In terms of "technical stuff" HTML5 offers a more fluent and easily manageable platform for both the development team and the computers (machines) that run Ganttic 5.0.
In terms of "what's new for Ganttic's users", then it's the ability to access Ganttic 5.0 on all sorts of mobile devices, thus giving more freedom to use Ganttic outside the office as well. As HTML5 is one of the most used programming languages in the world, web browsers are more "comfortable" with the language, i.e. it's use is essentially problem free.

The User Experience and the User Interface (UX and UI)

Do you know the feeling you get, when you start using a new program and everything just seems in place, logical to use and easy? That's the thing our development team went for and that's what Ganttic 5.0 now offers. Everything that's in Ganttic 5.0 is new, but makes sense i.e. it's much more easier to use Ganttic then it was before. Great news for new users, don't you think?

15-minutes, 30-minutes, 45-minutes

If we had to name one of the things that scared off our potential customers with the old version of Ganttic, it would have to be the inability to schedule tasks in Ganttic in less then 1-hour intervals. Now it's possible! 15-minutes, 30-minutes, 45-minutes - any way you like.
That, however, means many phone calls and emails for Ganttic's customer service, as they have to get the scared off people back on board :)

Holidays and recurring tasks

About 1/3 of Ganttic's customers use Ganttic to manage people - for them Ganttic isn't a "tool to manage anything", but a tool to help them manage human resources.
For them, a constant problem (especially during the summer time and Christmas) was scheduling holidays as the old version of Ganttic was not equipped with such a feature. A crude and uncomfortable workaround was needed to tackle the holiday-issue, so in Ganttic 5.0 we just added the feature to make their life a bit easier.
For many people using schedules to manage their workforce, the inability to create recurring events, such as regular work days or shifts was a pain. That aspect is no too fixed in Ganttic 5.0. Any event that repeats itself in Ganttic can now be automated to do so.

Not all was lost

When reinventing Ganttic, it was not just a brainstorm of fresh ideas leaving the past behind, but a balanced mix between new ideas, customer feedback and thorough analysis. In a word: the old version of Ganttic had many nice and nifty features our customers used and really liked, so there was no reason for us to throw them out.
What we did was take the best of what Ganttic already had, analyzed the data and made the features even better. Things like coloring, customizable data fields and advanced filtering are still present in Ganttic, but now they're better then before.

Still developing

Ganttic 5.0 is live and open for business, but that doesn't mean the development has stopped. Not at all! There are still loads of things to come!
Our customers have told us what they want. It's up to us to give it to them.