Make Data Entry Quicker by Assigning a Task to Multiple Resources

Categories: Management Tips, Resource Planning
Hundreds of users benefit from Ganttic's easy drag&drop task management. Now we have added a feature which makes task entry and later editing even faster.  How can you benefit from this feature?
  • Assign a task simultaneously to driver and vehicle
  • Book a meeting room and attendees at once
  • Plan by teams not by persons
Long awaited possibility to assign a task to multiple resources is live. Here’s how it works:
1) When you create a new task fill out the task data and click on the ‘+’ sign on the right of ‘Resource’ field.
2) A blank resource drop-down box appears. Choose a resource from a list.
Repeat those steps as many times as needed until you have assigned the task to the desired number of resources.
After clicking 'Save' you'll have the same task appearing on the resources selected.

NB! Moving, resizing and deleting the task affects all resources.

Written by Indrek Kuldkepp Connect with me in LinkedIn