New Feature: Emojis Take Over Ganttic

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This new feature update is a little unconventional than our usual feature updates.

Resource planning has always benefited from visual elements - colors, lengths of task blocks, etc. At a glance, it is the visual elements that define importance, frequency and differentiation. On top of our striking color-coded tasks, Ganttic now supports Emojis.

emoijs in ganttic planner
As you can see from the example above, on top the visual aid aspect, it puts a fun and lively touch to your planner. The implementation of Emojis is to provide Ganttic’s users with a more practical alternative to icons. As Emojis has a variety of categories, the example above uses emojis of people to allow the user to recognise instantly their colleagues and where they are from at one glance. In tasks, the Emojis act as an explanatory tool by being the interpretation of the task name. Use the colored shape icons as tasks’ status indicator. With so many Emojis to use in your planner, the sky is the limit.

emoijs resource and task titles

Emojis are currently only supported in resources names and tasks titles. Please note that Emojis' availability and appearance vary in different browsers and devices.

To start using Emojis in your planner on your desktop, go to Simply copy and paste the Emojis into your resource names or task titles.
emoij example

Emojis are also available in resources names and task titles in Ganttic’s app. In your app, you can insert or update the Emojis directly using your Emoji keyboard.

emoijs in mobile app

Author: Patricia Goh